Nidhivan Mystery - Lord Krishna Still Performs Ras Leela Every Night Here!

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Nidhivan, a temple nestled in the holy birthplace of Krishna, Vrindavan has a sense of mystery or miracle attached to it. Nidhivan has a hearsay that Lord Krishna visits it every night. And that's not about it, there is also a buzz that he performs Ras Leela every night. 

Lord Krishna

It is considered to be the holiest place in the country where God literally has an abode. 

Such speculations leave us in an enigma! There is no smoke without fire. There is some root to this mystery which is still unknown to all. Post the evening aarti, no priest or devotee is allowed to step into the premises. However, not all facts are available at our disposal. 

There is no sighting of any animal or bird post 7 PM either because it is said that they elope from the area as well. Not just this, but Nidhivan has a unique surrounding. It is flanked by unusual hollow trees that are short heightened and the branches are twisted downwards and lie in tangles. The Tulsi plants also stand in pairs. 

Unique trees surrounding Nidhivan

What claims the mystery? Here are some of the reasons: 

A special devoted corner called the Rang Mahal is decorated every evening. A bed of sandalwood is spread across the area and a jar of water is kept and a pan is laid out. What strengthens the mystery is that it is said that the bed looks used in the morning, and the paan and water seems to have been tasted. People claim that it is Lord Krishna who is responsible for it. 

Offerings are spread across the Mahal for Radha and Krishna to feast on after their Raas Leela. The scattered items claim this could be possible because all doors and windows are shut after 7 PM.

What next? Well, it is said that the Tulsi plants turn into Gopis at night and dance around while Krishna performs his Raas Leela. Trees also illuminate to welcome Lord Krishna at night is what we've heard. It's unbelievable but charming simultaneously. 

There is a well located in the vicinity of Nidhivan that is said that Krishna built the well with his flute to quench the thirst of hai beloved Radha. Some have said the people hear the sound of ghungroos at night as well. 

If you wonder if there are any eyewitnesses to it, then it is said that the people who tried peeking into the area to find proof, have been severely harmed, have lost their sight or severed mental imbalance. 

It's hard to believe in these mysteries but the strong reasons somehow hold our beliefs in the speculation. People residing here close down their windows and doors after the evening Aarti bells. 

The main gate of Nidhivan

Another mystery that surrounds the area is the rock garden which holds the footprints of young Krishna and his calf can still be seen in the mountains. And that the huge mountains actually melted down to rocks after hearing the melodious flute tunes of Krishna. 

If it's a myth or a true happening, no one can tell. It all depends on one's beliefs, instincts and devotion if this story is to be believed or not. However, due to this story, devotees from around the world come down to Nidhivan to visit the holy abode. It certainly draws a large footfall of Krishna's followers and tourism thrives massively in the place here. 

Whether it's a mystery or a miracle, it's all up to you to decide. But the story at first definitely brings in awe and bewilderment on being heard. 

Do you believe in this story? Let us know in the comments below!

This post was published by Sony Punjabi

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