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Kitesurfing is one of the most preferred activities on the reposeful Greek island of Naxos. The largest island of the Cyclades has a secret for this - the Aegean Sea observes strong winds throughout the year, which makes it the hotbed for water sports lovers. Remarkably, Naxos is considered among the windiest spots in Europe. Therefore, this island is visited by many kitesurfing & windsurfing enthusiasts to reap the benefits of the favourable winds and shallow waters for practising & honing their kitesurfing skills. Naxos offers considerable opportunities for kitesurfing as there are some notable spots where the conditions are perfect for this watersport. Alongside the amazing kitesurfing spots, this island has reputed surf schools or centers offering professional kitesurfing lessons for different levels and ages. Let us dive deeper!

Best Time for Kitesurfing in Naxos

The island of Naxos observes winds blowing across the year. It is the annual northern wind to which Greeks have been familiar as the Etesian winds or the Meltemi winds since ancient times. Being a non-thermal wind, the Meltemi blows from the north direction for days without deterring. Especially during summer, Meltemi blows for around 22 - 25 days a month and ensures idyllic conditions for kitesurfing & kiteboarding. The best time for Kitesurfing in Naxos is from May until September. Though the local Meltemi wind blows throughout this time slot, it is the strongest in July and August. These two months are the peak season months for kitesurfing, observing around five to six days a week. In June & September, the winds are comparatively less regular.

Popular Kitesurfing Spots in Naxos

1. Mikri Vigla Beach

Mikri Vigla Beach in Naxos
The best spot for kitesurfing in Naxos & probably in the entire of Greece is Mikri Vigla, which is a meeting point for kitesurfers from across the world. It features beautiful sand with sparkling clear water. Mikri Vigla is appropriate for surfers of all experience levels. Here, the wind is mostly onshore & decently consistent, so it is a safe surf spot for beginners. However, it could get a bit gusty occasionally, and the water gets somewhat choppy, so you may get a slightly bumpy surf ride. Besides, the bay is quite small. Therefore, it sometimes gets crowded with vacationers, particularly in the peak tourist months of July-August. Mikri Vigla is roughly 11.6 km away from Naxos city, and it takes 25 minutes to arrive at this spot & you have to cover around half of the way on a dirt road.
Reported Beach Risk: Bystanders
Wave: Flat to choppy, shallow areas

2. Glyfada Bay

Glyfada Beach
Located in the Kastraki village, southwest of Naxos, Glyfada bay is another noteworthy Kitesurfing spot in Naxos. Sprawling over several kilometres, the Glyfada beach is a long & unspoiled location. It features azure blue, choppy, and mostly flat water that offers suitable conditions for kitesurfing, windsurfing, & SUP. It observes a north wind that is side shore which is perfect for learning to Kitesurf. Another amazing feature is that because of the shape & size of the Glyfada beach, families & individuals can enjoy & do recreation at this quaint location. This beach never gets crowded, so it is a very safe spot for introducing yourself to kitesurfing. Here, you will not encounter dangerous marine life like sharp shelves, sea urchins, etc. The Kastraki is around 15.6 km from Naxos city and takes half an hour.
Reported Beach Risk: Large underwater rocks (but the rocks can be spotted easily due to crystal-clear water)
Wave: Small waves at the left, small chop in the middle area, & flat water on the right side.

3. Amitis Beach

Amitis Beach in Naxos
Located on the western side of Naxos, the Amitis is an isolated sandy beach that is one of the most beautiful beaches in Naxos. The beach extends to nearly 700 m between the Aegean Sea & the Eggares village and flaunts clear blue water. Notably, the water gets very wavy on windy days and offers decent conditions for kitesurfing. It is a non-equipped remote location that works around the year. Amitis is around 10 km away from Naxos city. Besides, this is a rocky beach with a stripe of pebbles on the shore, and the conditions become harsh sometimes. So, this spot is suitable for experienced surfers.
Reported Beach Risk: Rocks
Wave: Chop and small waves

4. Agios Prokopios Beach

Agios Prokopios Beach
One of the largest & most popular beaches in Naxos, Agios Prokopios attracts many water sports lovers in the summers. Being a wide, endless beach, it is an ultimate holiday destination that is filled with sunbeds & beach clubs. It boasts the most stunning, turquoise water on the island. Agio Prokopis beach works until the spring season only and then resumes operations in Autumn due to bystanders. Here, the recommended wind for kitesurfing is that coming from SW and southerly winds. The spot is suitable for intermediate & expert-level kitesurfers. Notably, the Agios Prokopios beach gets super crowded in July-August. It is located around 10 minutes south of the capital Chora.
Reported Beach Risk: None
Wave: Chop & small waves

5. Agia Anna/ Plaka Beach 

Agia Anna Beach in Naxos
Agia Anna beach is one of the most crowded beaches in Naxos. Situated on the island's southwestern coastline, Agia Anna is an extension of the Agios Prokopios beach. It is a long & desolate soft sandy beach that is just a short walk from Agios Prokopis beach. It features crystal-clear shallow waters with no waves. The northern area of the beach observes choppy waters sometimes. Besides, there is a serene, relaxing atmosphere at the beach with stunning surrounding views. Agia Anna beach lies only 6.3 km away from Naxos city.
Reported Beach Risk: None
Wave: No waves

6. Pyrgaki Beach

Pyrgaki Beach in Naxos
Pyrgaki is another popular beach in Naxos,  where visitors can enjoy the azure-blue Aegean sea. Several umbrellas and sunbeds are available at this large sandy beach, though this beautiful location is not very crowded like other famous beaches in Naxos. The weather conditions at Pyrgaki beach are considerable for watersports enthusiasts as it is influenced by south winds. It is a chop & small to medium waves spot with SW or W wind that is favorable for kitesurfing & windsurfing. It is an ideal kitesurfing spot for intermediate and advanced-level surfers. The Pyrgaki Beach area is protected by the NATURA 2000 network due to its rare natural beauty.
Reported Beach Risk: None
Wave: Chop & small waves

Famous Surf Schools in Naxos

1. Flisvos Kite Centre Naxos 

Flisvos Kite Centre is one of the kitesurf schools on this island that provide professional service to their learners with the highest safety standards. This Kitesurfing center is located at the large sandy bay of Mikri Vigla. They offer tailor-made services suiting your needs for your Kitesurfing trip in Naxos. Their IKO Kitesurf programs are designed to facilitate your learning in a safer & effective way, along with brand-new kitesurfing equipment made available to you. Besides, they provide an official IKO Student Card which has worldwide recognition for all the Kitesurfing programs to certify your level.
Location: Mikri Vigla, Orkos Beach, 84300 Naxos, Greece
Timings: Monday - Sunday: 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

2. Naxos Kitelife Kitesurfing School

Another local professional Naxos kitesurfing center is Naxos Kitelife Kitesurfing school, set at Mikri Vigla beach. In 2015, it became an IKO-recognized kitesurfing center that offers ITC instructor courses and has trained many kitesurf instructors across the globe. It is a member of KC, an organization for kitesurfing centers offering leading-edge services and the utmost safety. They will facilitate you to learn fast and safely, irrespective of your skill level, whether you are new to the kitesurfing sport or an expert. Notably, Naxos Kitelife offers varied kiteboarding, kite foiling, and wing foiling lessons, along with services like rentals, storage, certifications, and sales.
Location: Mikri Vigla, Naxos, Greece
Timings: April-November: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM, July-September (peak season): 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM on windy days

3. Naxos Kitesurf Club

With over ten years of experience, Naxos kitesurf club is a school providing kitesurfing lessons and top-class services at Glyfada beach, in Kastraki village. Its lessons are personalized to the learners, following the International Kiteboarding Organization guidelines, at the same time. All the lessons & procedures at Naxos Kitesurf Club are designed with IKO methodology, accompanied by certified instructors & new surf equipment from F-One & AirRush. They have professional Kitesurfing courses offering fundamental knowledge of kitesurfing for children to adults of all skill-level with guaranteed results & official IKO student card.
Location: Glyfada beach, Kastraki 84302, Naxos, Greece
Timings: Monday - Sunday: 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM

4. Thalasea Sports Center Naxos

Kite Center Naxos by Thalasea Sports is situated right on the Mikri Vigla beach in Naxos. Thalaseasports Naxos became an IKO-certified center in 2004. They provide lessons customized to your requirements, with certified instructors, radio assistance, multiple teaching languages, top safety standards, and the latest equipment for an A1 learning experience. It offers Kitesurfing lessons for every level, from beginners to advanced, refresher, strapless, kite foil, etc., and they have solutions for all. Also, they offer Kite gear rentals, and you can shop for accessories and 2nd hand kite gear from their on-site Surf Shop. Notably, this sports center remains open only from May to October.
Location: Mikri Vigla, 843 00 Náxos, Greece
Timings: Monday - Sunday: 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

5. Ride With the Gods

Ride With the Gods offers a unique learning experience of Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, and Stand up paddle boarding at the heart of the Aegean sea in Naxos. Here, the kitesurfing lessons are offered in private sessions or small groups of two to four people (individual attention). They utilize the safest and latest equipment to make you learn all the fundamentals satisfactorily so that you become capable of kitesurfing independently by the end of the course. Also, they conduct demonstrations for intermediate and advanced-level kitesurfers with high-quality services & safety.
Location: Naxos 843 00, Greece
Timings: Monday - Sunday: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Naxos is one of the most popular destinations in Greece for kitesurfing because of its potent and consistent northern winds. A few of its serene beaches are famous among kitesurfing enthusiasts from different parts of the world. Kitesurfing lovers certainly appreciate the Meltemi wind that blows in Naxos for over 200 days a year, offering suitable conditions for kitesurfing. Now, you know exactly which spots you have to visit for the ultimate Kitesurfing experience in Naxos. So, you should surely plan to visit the Greek Island of Naxos for your next kitesurfing trip!

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