Best Camping Sites in Rishikesh

"There is no wifi in the forest, but I promise you will find a better connection."

The beautiful city of Rishikesh is situated in the Shivalik Range of Himalayan foothills which are easily accessible. Rishikesh has been mentioned numerous times in the ancient Hindu scriptures thereby bringing it a lot of references to being a sacred place. The city is home to many ashrams and yoga institutes where people come solely for relaxation and to seek spirituality.

camps in rishikesh, rishikesh

Rishikesh is situated in the hilly state of Uttarakhand thereby making it an excellent camping spot. Numerous camping sites are located on the banks of River Ganga, and beaches here serve as great locations to indulge in various sports. During the day, a lot of adventurous sports are organised for the travellers, while at night they get to sleep amidst the stars and the harmony of nature. The city also has ghats in and around which can be visited to witness the aartis.

The hilly terrains present in the region serve as a perfect setting to organise various fun activities such as rappelling, river crossing, rafting and rock climbing. Hiking too can be undertaken in groups since the mountains are not too high and the trails are somewhat easy to follow. Since the hills surrounding the city have thick forests and are rich in wildlife, travellers are likely to see a huge variety of fauna such as clouded leopards, bison, golden langurs, squirrels, ducks, Asian elephants, otters, Bengal tigers, and partridges while camping. The flora does not lag behind with tree species like Sal, Indian olive and hop bushes dominating the region.

Best Camps in Rishikesh

There number of camps Rishikesh, some of which have been listed below:

1. Roller Coaster Camp

camps in rishikesh, roller coaster camp
Rishikesh is situated in amongst the stunning landscapes. There some adventure activities provided at the campsite including rafting for over a 16 km stretch. For those who don't wish to be a part of these adventure sports can indulge in other games which are organised at the beachside including volleyball, badminton, cricket and other activities which require teamwork.

Vegetarian, as well as non-vegetarian breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner, is available for the tourists. Also, there is double as well as triple occupancy available. Activities offered include rafting, body surfing, giant swing, ziplining and cliff jumping the difficulty level of which is moderate.

2. Cradle of Life

camps in rishikesh, cradle of life rishikesh
Here, one can indulge in fun activities such as an exciting game of volleyball with the other team members or go for river rafting. One can also participate in cliff jumping and diving into the cold icy water. Rappelling can also be undertaken in the cliffs nearby. For those who are not adventurous enough can enjoy by being a part of indoor games such as chess or outdoor games such as badminton.

Vegetarian, as well as non-vegetarian breakfast, lunch, and dinner, is available for the tourists. Swiss tents are provided for accommodation. Activities offered include volleyball, rappelling, chess, badminton and river rafting. The difficulty level is relatively easy.

The cost of the entire trip comes out to be INR 3500 approximately.

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3. Camp Gold Coast

camps in rishikesh, camp gold coast rishikesh
The location of this camp is a scenic beauty and has numerous exciting activities present for the tourists. River rafting, as well as some other activities, are offered. One can show off their mountaineering skills by rappelling in the surrounding cliffs. Adventurous activities such as cliff jumping, body surfing, and kayaking keep the excitement alive. There is everything for everyone such as a game of volleyball and relaxation time by the campsite.

Vegetarian, as well as non-vegetarian breakfast, lunch, and dinner, are offered in a deluxe safari tent. One can indulge in activities such as body surfing, kayaking, river rafting, beach volleyball and rappelling. The difficulty level is easy.

The cost of the entire trip is approximately INR 3750 approximately.

4. Camp Ganga Riviera

camps in rishikesh, camp ganga riviera
This camp is located on the banks of River Ganga with a touch of natural beauty to it. You will also come across 'Jhoola Pul' which is known as the crown of Rishikesh, to reach here. There are two beaches namely perennial green field and cascading waterfall right beside the camp. One is likely to have a gala time here with friends and family- a trip which can never be forgotten.

Vegetarian, as well as non-vegetarian breakfast, lunch, and dinner, is available for the tourists in Swiss cottage tents provided for accommodation. Activities such as rock climbing, volleyball, water hike, cliff jumping and rappelling are present for people to enjoy. The difficulty level of the sports is easy.

The cost of the entire trip comes out to be INR 3135 approximately.

5. Ravers Beach Camp

camps in rishikesh, ravers beach camp
This camp in Rishikesh is located amidst the natural scenic beauty and picturesque landscapes. One can indulge in fun and adventurous activities such as river rafting and body surfing here. This is a perfect spot to forget all about your office worries and have a good time of relaxation. There is cliff jumping present here giving you the chills while you jump in the cold and icy water in the stream below.

Vegetarian, as well as non-vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner, are offered at the campsite.

The entire trip costs INR 2250 approximately.

6. Red Chilli Beach Camp

Red chilli beach camp takes up the fun-frolic, soothing and thrilling experience just a notch up. This amazing camp situated in the foothills of Rishikesh is driven by passionate guides and experts that provides an adventurous thrill to the travellers with the utmost safety and security. Visitors can participate in hiking, trekking, water sports and paragliding.

Vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals are available for the visitors. Double occupancy in guest house and tents are available. Activities offered river rafting, trekking and wildlife tour. The difficulty level is easy.

The cost of the entire trip comes out to be INR 3,000 approximately.

7. Aspen Adventure Camp

Aspen Adventure
Aspen adventure is one of the most reputed as well as acclaimed adventure sporting hub. Managed by those who have previously worked in armed forces, it is widely known for the thrills of its river rafting programme. The camp has pledged to take care of its surrounding nature and preserve it along with providing the best services to its visitors.

This Rishikesh camp has expert cooks and chefs that serve both vegetarians as well as non-vegetarian meals to their visitors throughout the stay. There are 26 Swiss tents that help you with your comfortable stay along with amenities like fans, electricity, carpets and utility kits. The various adventure programmes include rafting, rock climbing, volleyball, trekking and several open space games. The difficulty level is challenging.

The cost of the entire trip comes out to be INR 5,000 approximately. 

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8. Camp Wildex

Camps in Rishikesh
Nestled between the Rajaji National Park, this camp offers some of the most exciting outdoor thrills for adventurous visitors. The camp is located on the bank of river Ganga from where the morning sun gives an enticing view of Rishikesh. With several species of birds and wildlife, the serenity of the place in a silent valley makes it an attractive destination.

Vegetarian, non-vegetarian and the protein-based food is available in the safari tents provided at the campsite. The basic facilities include hot water, western toilets and wireless internet. During your stay you can participate in activities like body surfing, cliff jumping, valley crossing, rappelling, forest walks and rock climbing. The difficulty level is moderate.

The cost of the entire trip comes out to be INR 4300 approximately. 

9. Leopard Beach Tented Camp

Leopard Beach Tented Camp, Camps in Rishikesh
The campsite is located on the Devprayag-Badrinath road in Shivpuri, 16 kilometres away from exciting Rishikesh. The beachfront of Ganga river and the elegant beauty of Himalayan range makes it an ideal ground to satiate your cravings for adventure. The open-spaced camp is divided into two major grounds from where various groups of activities are arranged. There are spaces for bonfire, playground, outdoor seating and a small cafe area.  

Vegetarian, as well as non-vegetarian breakfast, lunch, and dinner, are offered in a spacious tent. One can indulge in activities such as kayaking, day hikes, beach volleyball and rappelling. The difficulty level is easy.

The cost of the entire trip comes out to be INR 3000 approximately. 

10. Himalayan Bear Stream Camp

Camps in RishikeshSituated in the foothills of mighty Himalaya, Himalayan Bear Stream Camp is guarded by snow-capped mountains and hills. A campsite is a perfect place for an unwinding getaway. The camp is easily accessible from destinations such as Haridwar and Rishikesh, just at a distance of 25 kilometres by road. The place is managed by well-trained instructors that guide their visitor through the activities organised during the trip. Lofty tents are offered along with added amenities such as the internet, hot water and gear kits.

Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals are offered along with snacks and refreshments.  While you are here, you can participate in cycling, mountain biking, hiking and kayaking. There are also various leisure activities such as bird watching and frisbee. The difficulty level is easy.

The cost of the entire trip comes out to be INR 4000 approximately

11. Camp Panther

Camps in Rishikesh

Located at a distance of 16 kilometres from Rishikesh, Camp panther is cradled in the Shivpuri district between forests and waterways. The outdoor paradise is a perfect getaway for those who want to taste nature with a luxurious touch. The camp in Rishikesh is spread across an area of 5 acres, the visitors can choose from 45 AC tents, non AC tents and tents with coolers. Visitors can pick their favourite set of activities from an exciting range of diverse adventures such as river rafting, rock climbing, kayaking, paragliding and rappelling.

Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals are offered. If you want to explore the nature, there are trips into the woods for campfires and stargazing that can be enjoyed. Additional charges may be added for any requested service that is not in the regular offers. The difficulty level is moderate.

The cost of the entire trip comes out to be INR 4700 approximately

12. Camp Feel Factor

Camps in Rishikesh
A 36-kilometre drive from Rishikesh, Camp Feel Factor is situated in a valley just above the riverside. The camp is popular for its designer site and indoor pool facility for its guests. The place has a very serene ambience and as it is away from the city, one can enjoy a relaxing weekend here. There is excellent accommodation facility provided with canvas tents equipped with basic furniture, beds, hot water and electricity.

One can enjoy vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals prepared in-house by qualified chefs. Buffet meals are also available. One can indulge in a diverse range of activities such as rappelling, rock climbing, treasure hunt and night treks. If you are interested in photography, the camp instructors can suggest you exciting spots for the best photographs such as the bird watchers point, jungle explorations and village tours. The difficulty level is easy

The cost of the entire trip comes out to be INR 5,000 approximately

13. VNA Rafting Camp

Camps in Rishikesh

VNA Rafting camp is located on the Rishikesh-Badrinath Highway, 27 kilometres away from central Rishikesh, known for its luxurious amenities and adventure services. The campsite doesn't only offer luxurious tents but rooms studded with designer elements. They provide fully air-conditioned rooms, attached washrooms and 24/7 electricity and internet. With exciting machan on treehouse and riverside bamboo cottages, this camp is one of the most appealing places to spend a blessed weekend.

The place offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals to their guests along with alcoholic beverages and drinks. It also offers great packages for family and group tours. Whitewater rafting, monkey crawl and trekking to Burma Bridge are popular activities in which visitors participate along with leisure like beach volleyball. The difficulty level is moderate.

The cost of the entire trip comes out to be INR 7,000 approximately


Best Time To Visit Camps In Rishikesh

camps in rishikesh

The city has a humid subtropical climate and witnesses a maximum of 40 degrees Celsius during May. The weather gets chilly during the winter season in January. The temperature is around 20 degrees Celcius during the day and falls to nearly 5 degrees Celcius during the night. Some moderate level rainfall can also be experienced during this season. Torrential rains are experienced during July and September.

The best time to visit Rishikesh is between March and November because of its pleasant weather. During the rainy season, water sports such as rafting and kayaking are unavailable.

Pack your bags and plan an exciting trip to the city of adventures- Rishikesh. It is a must-visit for all our adventure as well as nature lovers out there. Do not waste any more time and start planning a beautiful trip with friends and family to this exotic location right away because Camping is the answer, who cares what the question is.

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