The Amazing Highlights Of Bikaner Camel Festival

India, a country, known for its rich history, tradition, culture, delicious delights and colourful markets has always been a centre of attraction for, not only localities and travellers but also tourists from overseas. Festivals, stunning Fairs, and Fests are the highlights of the amazing country. Some events might surprise you, while others are deep-rooted in the culture of the country.

"Kesariya Balam Aaonee Padharonee Mare Des Rey, Padharonee Mare Des"

These fantastic lines display the heartily welcome of the 'King of the Land'- Rajasthan.

bikaner camel festival, bikaner, rajasthan

Bikaner Camel Festival is one of the magnificent and interesting traditional festivals of this wonderful country. The Royal Rajasthan is full of regal culture and tradition, and so is Bikaner. Situated in the northwest of Rajasthan, Bikaner is a city, which is popular for the number of things. Bikaner Camel Festival is one of the best festivals that attract many visitors, tourists, and travellers around the world. This article will give you a chance to explore the lovely festival, which is an array of camel games, activities and other cultural and traditional performances. So, continue reading, to find out other attractions of the Bikaner Camel Festival.

A festival in honour of the ship of desert (History)

bikaner camel festival, bikaner, rajasthan

Bikaner Camel Festival is organised by the Department of Tourism, Art & Culture, Rajasthan Government. It is an initiative dedicated to giving the honour to the ships of the desert. The important source of transport and livelihood - camels, are one of the important means of Rajasthan and this fair is an initiative to acknowledge their remarkable role and contribution on Rajasthan's vast unfriendly terrain. Camels and the Bikaner have a long link. Since the time of the founder of the city, Rao Bika Ji, Bikaner is the only camel breeding region. The gentle giants raised here, have been joined even the Indian Army. The camel forces are known as "Ganga Risala" and have served during the world war and Indo-Pak war. Indian Army still sustains a battalion where these brave animals are the part of The Indian Border Security Force.

Time and Dates

bikaner camel festival, bikaner, rajasthan
The festival is not less than a carnival, where brightly garlanded Camels against the lovely backdrop of the Junagarh Fort attract many tourists and travellers around the world. Although, you have to wait for this beautiful occasion as it is held once in a year. In the chilling month of January Bikaner becomes the highlight for the tourist. The two-day festival showcases the gorgeous gentle giants (Camel) at their best. Besides these, the USPs of this Fair are Camel Races, Fur Cutting Design, Camel Dance, Best Breed Competition, Beautifully Adorned Camel Bands, Camel Tugs-of-War, Traditional Folk Dance-Music and even Beauty Pageants for Camels. The last one would surely be a surprising yet an interesting activity to watch during this festival. It also showcases some rare stunts that you wouldn't find it happening on any other days. This fest is one of the best ways to experience the rustic charm of Rajasthani culture in a very subtle way

The two-day fair starts with the colourful parade of the beautifully adorned camels, as the festival is organized to glorify the ship of the desert. The unusual and eye catching camel performances and activities with neck shaking camel rides will surely grab your attention during this fair.

Highlights of Bikaner Camel Festival


bikaner camel festival, bikaner, rajasthan

Not only camels, which showcase their performances, but also decked with colourful attires, big beautiful eyed, amazing Folk Dancers, performing in front of a huge crowd portray how traditionally and culturally rich the place is. The Attraction of Rajasthan - colourful puppet dolls enhances the beauty of the fest during the puppet shows. The exciting stories about Kings, Queens, and even local Folktales, spread the magical charm amid the viewers and grab them from the beginning to till the end of the show.  traditional attire with beautiful necklaces and anklets the fantastic skirt swirling dancers showcase their wonderful moves to the lovely tunes on desert sands.  

Bikaner camel festical, bikaner, rajasthan

Not only camels which are beautifully dressed in vibrant bridles but also the traditional Rajasthani folk dancers enhance the beauty of the festival with their amazing performances and music, while the fascinating fire dances add a glamorous charm to the fair. The amazing and festive ambience of the fair encourages the dancers, and this is one of the reasons behind the exciting and brilliant performances. The melodious folk music is an exhibition of the traditional and the soothing side of India's musical era. The two-day amazing festival concludes with the dazzling display of fireworks, which lightens the skies of Bikaner and a treat to the viewers.


Apart from colourful camel performances, vibrant folk dances, and musical evening, the two-day festival is the great opportunity for Shopaholics too; those who love to buy traditional handicraft products. The stalls of the fair offer rustic jewelleries, exquisite handicrafts, handmade potteries and various traditional yet eye catchy products made by locals.

bikaner camel festival

Rajasthani Food

All the foodies come to savour the delicious delights prepared with camel milk. Yes, you would get a chance to taste some unusual and unique camel milk sweets and tea. This is a chance to indulge in some local and traditional Rajasthani cuisine. Don't miss the famous Bikaner Bhujiya (snack). Satisfy your hunger pangs with delicious Daal Baati choorma and other delightful vegetarian cuisines.

bikaner camel festival, bikaner, rajasthan

Rajasthan is a house of rich culture, art, and tradition, the land of kings displays amazing artistic and architectural works. While the delectable delights will surely tempt your taste buds, if you visit during the Bikaner Camel Festival it will surely be a treat to watch and will give you an old world charm of the bygone era.

Quick View Of Bikaner Camel Festival

  • Colourfully dressed camels
  • Camel dance and stunts
  • Camel beauty pageants
  • Camel tugs-of-war games
  • Camel race
  • Fur cutting contest
  • Cultural Performances
  • Folk music and dance events
  • Delicious sweets and tea prepared with camel milk
  • Puppet show
  • Sparkling firework display

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