Love Conquers All - Man Travels 60 Miles to Reunite With His Lover

It all began in 1949 when Pradyumna Kumar Mahanandia a.k.a Dr P. K. Mahanandia was born in a small village of Athmallik in Orrissa. As per tradition, the parents of Dr P. K. Mahanandia invited an astrologer at the birth of their son. As per the astrologer’s premonition, the lad would one fine day marry a woman from a land far, far away. He prophesied that she would be a Taurian and would also own a forest. Growing up, P.K Mahanandia was hopeful and believed that the prophecy would come true one day.

Little about Mahanandia's Background
The journey of Dr P. K. Mahanandia was a difficult one. Hailing from a small village, Mahanandia was largely discriminated in society as he belonged to an untouchable family. However, he fought against all the odds and succeeded in getting a scholarship at an Arts College in Orissa. Dr Mahanandia did not have a good financial standing due to which he painted pictures on the street and got arrested for the same. However, this was not something he detested. He was rather grateful as at least the Police Station provided him with the necessities of life- food and shelter.

When the Premonition Turned Into a Reality
On the evening of December 17, 1975, the prophecy finally came true. An extremely beautiful woman with blue eyes and long blonde hair approached Mahanandia and asked him to draw her portrait. Mahanadi was speechless. Remembering the day he quoted “Her eyes were so blue and big and round, I felt as if she was not looking at me, but was gazing inside me, like an X-ray machine!" Being so smitten by her beauty, he was unable to draw her portrait and asked her to come some other day.

She visited him thrice, and he drew three captivating portraits for her. After drawing the second portrait, Mahanandia reckoned that she was the woman who he was destined to marry. Ironically, the beautiful Sweden girl was not only a Taurian but also owned forest and played the flute. He told her that they were destined to meet and that she would be his wife. The woman was sceptical, but Mahanandia assured her and asked her if she wanted to see his horoscope. The 19-year-old ultimately decided to give Mahanandia a chance, and the two kept meeting for two to three weeks before the young girl returned to Sweden.

The Hippe Trail
The couple did not meet for about one and a half years but were connected through letters. Mahanandia finally decided to take things forward and meet the love of his life. He sold everything he had and purchased a bicycle. His journey of 6,000 miles is often referred to as the ‘Hippie Trail.’ On his trip, he met a lot of people who not only fed him but also guided him. He was also grateful to a lot of truck drivers who gave him a ride and helped him reach his destination. He was even invited by people who fed him in return for drawing sketches.

Forty years hence, the couple is happily married and are blessed with two beautiful children.

Traveller’s Takeaway

  • Don’t be afraid to go after your love. If you know the person is the one, do not let the adversities in your path deter you.
  • Support the one who follows his dreams. Host a traveller, give him a ride, and let not the spirit of a traveller die!

This post was published by Priyanka Chugh

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