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1. Lisbon

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Places To Visit in Portugal 1
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Portugal's hilly capital, the coastal city of Lisbon is the westernmost capital of Europe. Colourful and historic, the city is teeming with life in every corner, and every person and structure has a story to tell that will reveal secrets to the lively Portuguese culture. Lisbon's culture and history...

Best Time: March to May

FAQs on Portugal

What is the currency of Portugal?

International cards widely accepted in shops, hotels and restaurants: VISA, Mastercard and American Express cards. However, all these places have a Chip and PIN device now, so cards that need to be swiped will not work. Also, many small shops/eating outlets only accept Portuguese Maestro, and Visa Electron cards so always keep some cash handy. Euro is the primary and only acceptable currency.

What is unique about culture of Portugal?

Regarding culture, Portugal is a reserved, conservative nation where too much excitement in visitors can be perceived as rude. Formal and respectful greetings with titles like Senhor and Senhora are used to address people, accompanied by a handshake for strangers and a hug/kiss for friends. Punctuality is appreciated when meeting someone, and thoughtful gifts should be taken when invited to someones house. Further, since they are so reserved, Portuguese do not go out to socialiseÊafter work during theÊweek,Êand entertain only at the weekend. Christianity or Catholicism is the dominant religion in Portugal. While 81% of the population is Catholic, only 19% people attend Mass and perform other rites and rituals. Portuguese is the official language of Portugal. While English is spoken in many tourist places, it is hardly universal/widely-spoken. Words in Portuguese for common phrases - Ol (Hello), Porfavor (Please) and Obrigado (Thank You).

How is Portugal divided into regions?

Northern Portugal: rich historical tradition; considered the birthplace of Portugal nation; home to Porto – the second largest city.
North Central Portugal: covers the region from Atlantic coast to the mountainous interior-area.
South Central Portugal: important places include - Portugal's capital Lisbon, Estremadura - a traditional province and the Upper Alentejo.
Southern Portugal: home to Algarve and its beaches and Lower Alentejo
The Azores: A group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean.
Madeira: A sub-tropical archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean.
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