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Getting Around Portugal

Continent: Europe
Region: Southern Europe

Getting Around in Portugal

Main ways to get around include by road and rail.

Getting Around Portugal By Rail

The main railway line of Portugal, i.e. the connections between Braga and Faro are excellent. The Alfa-Pendular (fast) trains are cozy, comfortable and offer great first-class services. As the train stops only at stations in main cities, these trains often require advance reservations, especially between Braga, Porto, Gaia, Aveiro, Coimbra, Lisbon and Faro. To go to further destinations, especially in the interior region, such as Guimar†es, €vora, Beja, Covilh† and Guarda, one can opt for Intercity Trains. These are just as comfortable and luxurious.

Getting Around Portugal By Road

Rede Expresso is the biggest bus operator in the country and connects almost all major cities - schedules and fares are available online. When traveling in Lisbon and Porto, however, a better option is the modern, air-conditioned metro. Hiring a car/taxi is the most convenient way to travel when going outside the main cities. But keep in mind that the car insurance can be very expensive. Roads are well-built, smooth and good to drive on. Motorways and modern highways connect all major parts of the country however, some roads aren't in the best condition and should be navigated carefully. Cycling is also an alternative as companies offer bicycle tours and rentals with a good collection of normal to adventure bikes.

Places to Visit In Portugal

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