Best Time To Visit Kuwait

What is the best time to visit Kuwait?

This is the best time to visit Kuwait. The temperatures during the day tend to drop during this period and the nights are cold and very pleasant. This is a very conducive period for travel purposes.

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June - Mid September (Summer)

Kuwaiti summers are dry and extremely hot. It also gets very dusty, so make sure to carry a lot of water with you when you travel.

October - November (Autumn)

The temperature comes down to about almost 30 degrees during autumn. Thunderstorms are to be expected in November. Hail storms are also a common occurrence.

December - March (Winter)

Kuwaiti winters are unpredictable. You will be faced with cloudy days on one hand and then, it may begin to rain. On other days, it is sunny but the air is crisp and cold. Nonetheless, winter is the best time to visit Kuwait.

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