Getting Around Kenya

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Getting Around in Kenya

Getting around Kenya is not very difficult. The only hassles are posed by a lot of traffic jams on the streets, especially along the airport roads. There are a lot of buses that can be used for quick and easy transport, going long distances as well. Matatus or mini-buses, railways, jeeps and taxis are the other modes of transportation preferred by the people.

Getting Around Kenya By Air

Kenya Airways is the major carrier that connects you to all the cities. Daily flights are available to Kisumu, Mombasa, Lamu and Malindi. Apart from Kenya Airways, Fly540 and Air Kenya are other popular options when flying.

Jambojet: Is another low-cost airline operating domestic flights within Kenya.

Getting Around Kenya By Rail

SGR (Standard Gauge Railway): The overnight train service connecting Nairobi to Mombasa, offering a comfortable and scenic journey. Often, travellers have been said to have spotted animals from the train windows, so this makes it incredibly exciting, especially if you're travelling with children. Apart from that, there's another overnight train to Kisumu on Lake Victoria.

Getting Around Kenya By Road

As we already mentioned, the streets of Kenya are more often than not, filled with traffic. Matatus are mini buses that are used to cover both long and short distances. These matatus are often very crowded. Apart from that, you can hire a jeep or rent a car to take you around. Buses are easily available, as the network is comprehensive and quite extensive.

Easy Coach: A well-established bus company providing long-distance travel across major cities in Kenya.

Modern Coast: A popular bus company with a good reputation for its comfortable and reliable services.

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