How To Reach Hungary

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By planes, trains, buses, cars and ships.

Reaching Hungary by Air

Main international airports of Hungary include the Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport in Budapest and Airport Debrecen in Debrecen. Main airlines catering to Budapest: Ryanair, Wizzair, Easyjet, Germanwings and Airberlin. These are all low-cost and affordable and fly several times a week.

Reaching Hungary by Bus

Several international bus lines operate throughout Hungary. Schedules and tickets can be found online on the offical website of Volˆnbusz - the national bus company as well as the local Eurolines representation in Hungary. Further, Orangeways is a bus company that operates on routes between Budapest and several countries like Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.

Reaching Hungary by Rail

Budapest is the central destination that connects the whole country as well as most of Eastern Europe. One can take trains from Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Serbia, Switzerland and Ukraine.

Reaching Hungary by Road

While reaching Hungary by car is entirely possible, it involves a very strict checking of documents and personnel at the border. Schengen and Non-Schengen travelers have to go through separate protocols and procure specific documents. Make sure your International Motor Insurance Card along with the Vehicle Registration is valid for Hungary(H). A Power of Attorney from the owner is required if the car is not yours.

Reaching Hungary by Water

Limited options. These include carriers by an international shipping lines that operates on Danube (Duna) or Tisza rivers. A scheduled hydrofoil service operated by Mahart is also available on the Danube to and from Vienna and Bratislava at certain periods in the year.

Places to Visit In Hungary

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