Located on the Punjab-Himachal Border, Solan lies on the lower ranges of the Himalayas and is more of an industrial town with various industries. Solan is a more low-key hill station ideal for travel (Read More)lers looking just some time away from the city rush.

Here is the list of 17 Things to Do in Solan

1. Shoolini Mata Temple

Shoolini Mata Temple
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The Shoolini Temple is dedicated to Goddess Shoolini and is one of the oldest and holiest temples in this region. It also hosts an annual fair in the month of June, each year, celebrated with much grandeur and vibrance.

2. Kasauli - Cozy Little Hill-station

Kasauli - Cozy Little Hill-station
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Known For : Monkey Point Toy Train Ride Timber Trail

Located on the road from Chandigarh to Shimla in the Solan district, Kasauli is a hilly cantonment town that makes for an ideal peaceful holiday location, especially for a weekend getaway. Kasauli is not about particular attractions or activities but the beautiful villas and the serene environment.

Best Time: March - June; September - November

12 Kasauli Attractions

3. Solan Brewery

Solan Brewery
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One of the oldest breweries in the country, the Solan brewery was started back in 1855 and has now been converted into a distillery. Started by an Englishman Edward Dyer as Dyer Breweries, it is now run by Mohan Meaking Ltd. This is located very close to the Solan railway station.

4. Nalagarh Fort- Weekend Getaway

Nalagarh Fort- Weekend Getaway
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Nalagarh Fort is one of the most famous heritage hotels situated in Himachal Pradesh. Situated in the middle of lush greenery combined with modern amenities, it serves as an ideal getaway for the weekend clubbed with a fantastic view of the Shivalik Hills. It is adorned with forests, orchards and beautifully landscaped lawns.

5. Experience Peace at Menri Monastery

Experience Peace at Menri Monastery
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One of the oldest monasteries in India, the Menri Monastery is one of the most colorful places in Solan. Visit the monastery to celebrate calmness, spirituality and Buddhism in this commercial town of Solan. The monastery houses a large statue of Lord Shenrab Mibo.

6. Day-out at Chail Palace

Day-out at Chail Palace
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Known For : Chail Palace Hotel Chail Cricket Ground Chail wildlife sanctuary

Chail is a quiet hill station close (44km) to Shimla, known for the world's highest cricket ground and a heritage hotel, Chail Palace. Surrounded by pine and deodar trees, Chail is located at an altitude of 2,250m above sea level.

Best Time: Throughout the year

11 Chail Attractions

7. Visit Gorkha Fort in Sabathu

Visit Gorkha Fort in Sabathu

A cantonment town in Himachal Pradesh’s Solan district, Sabathu comprises the 1st and 4th Gorkha Rifles of the Indian Army and is also popular for its association with the Ango-Nepalese War. A quiet town with a small population, it offers great views of green mountains dotted with residential properties and is also known for the regional leper colony that it housed in the 19th century. It is an excellent location for nature photography.

8. Children's Park

Children's Park
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If you are with kids, visit this park to spend some enjoyable time here The park has animal rides, swings, a cafe and even a musical fountain.

9. Picnic at Dagshai

Picnic at Dagshai
4.3 /5

Dagshai or Daag-e-shahi is the oldest cantonment town in the hilly terrains of the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh in India. Perched on the top of a hill 5,689 feet above the sea level, this tiny town is worth visiting at least once in a lifetime, to get a taste of what a real offbeat attraction feels like.

10. Kuthar Fort

Kuthar Fort
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Claimed to be around 800 years old, this is the oldest historical monument around this region. The fort is spread over a large area and has a number fresh-water springs. Walk around this ancient structure to find a few more monuments such as the Gurkha Fort and more.

11. Colonial Railway Station in Barog

Colonial Railway Station in Barog

An ideal tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh is a combination of not just the scenic beauty of the Himalayas that you’d expect from this gorgeous state but also a place that is steeped in pre-colonial history and ancient myth. The place contains all the usual  magic of Himachal while also offering its own blend of uniqueness and wonder.

12. Take a Eco Trek at Darlaghat

Take a Eco Trek at Darlaghat
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This is a wildlife sanctuary that houses a number of wildlife species like leopards, Black Bear, Sambars and barking deer. It is located on the Shimla-Bilaspur road which is at a distance of 35 km from Shimla. A number of eco treks are also conducted here by the HPTDC, from time to time.

13. Stay in a Jungle House in Majathal Sanctuary

Stay in a Jungle House in Majathal Sanctuary
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Spread across an area of 55,670 sq km this wildlife sanctuary is a forested area and has a wide variety of flora and fauna. A lot of endangered species can be found here, including the Cheer Pheasant. Other species of animals in this sanctuary are Gorals, Goats and many unique varieties of birds.

14. Spend a Day at Jawahar Park

Spend a Day at Jawahar Park
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Visit this simple yet well maintained park in Solan to spend some relaxed and enjoyable time. The park has some beautiful fountains, rides, as small zoo and a baby train. One may also spot a few rabbits here. It is a perfect place to spend some idle time, especially if you are with kids.

15. Arki

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Known For : Arki Fort Diwan-i-Khaas Arki Palace

A small town in Solan district locally known for its 18th century fort, Arki is an off-beat destination in Himachal Pradesh that offers a unique blend of art, culture and heritage. Arki is famous for its legendary past and has the monuments and the culture to show for it.

Best Time: Throughout the year

9 Arki Attractions

16. Restaurants in Solan

Restaurants in Solan

While a staple meal here consists of Dal, Rice, Roti, Vegetables and Curd, the area does have a number of traditional delicacies to savor. These include Poode, Lushke (A local version of pancake), Sidu( a kind of bread), Pachole and more. Other than these, Solan being a popular tourist destination has a lot of good cafes and restaurants which offer decent food at reasonable prices.

17. Shopping in Solan

Shopping in Solan
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Solan has countless options for your shopping spree. You find a number of malls and shopping complexes here such as the Anand Cineplex Mall, Platinum Mall, Aesthetics etc, in Solan. There is also the popular Mall Road, Lakkar Bazaar, Upper Bazzar, Lower Bazaar etc.

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