Things to do in Allahabad for a Memorable Stay-cation


Top things to do in Allahabad

Allahabad is essentially a holy town in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Popular for its holy Triveni Sangam, Kumbh Mela and its umpteen temples and religious sites, there are also a number of interesting things to do in Allahabad, that attract an equal number of tourists, as the pilgrims. Among sites of historical importance, you can visit the Allahabad Fort, Khusro Bagh, Anand Bhawan etc. You can also spend leisure evenings at the gorgeous gardens or eat tasty food at the several food joints. Take a look at the list of top things to do in Allahabad given below.

Here is the list of 22 Things to do in Allahabad for a Memorable Stay-cation

1. Take a Dip in the Holy Triveni Sangam

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One of the holiest places in Central India, Triveni Sangam is located about 7 kilometres away from Civil Lines in Allahabad (Prayagraj). In fact it is the meeting point of three rivers - Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati (which is a mythical river, supposed to have dried up more than 4,000 years ago). All three rivers Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati are highly revered rivers in Indian mythology, and hence the confluence point of these rivers hold tremendous religious importance. Taking a dip here is one of the prime things to do in Allahabad.

2. Visit the Magnificent Khusro Bagh

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One of the most popular tourist destinations in Allahabad, Khusro Bagh was built by King Jahangir for his son Khusro. The tombstone of the prince lies in this garden along with that of his mother Shah Begum. Boasting of marvelous architecture and patterns, the tomb is top tourist destination. Visiting here is one of the topmost things to do in Allahabad.

3. Drive by the Picturesque New Yamuna Bridge

Established in 2004, the newly designed cable stayed New Yamuna Bridge over the river Yamuna, was built to minimise traffic flow on the Old Naini Bridge in Allahabad. The bridge runs from northern to southern Allahabad connecting it to the neighborhood of Naina. Running over 1510 metres, the bridge is supported by cables to its deck.

4. Enjoy a Boat Ride in the Ganges

Boating is one of the top touristy things to do in Allahabad. Watching a sunrise or a sunset with clear water all around you is an ethereal experience. The ghats at a distance also present a pretty picture and the ambiance is divine. Make sure you experience this activity definitely, whenever you are in the city.

5. Visit the Museum in Anand Bhavan

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Anand Bhavan is the former residence of Nehru family which has now been transformed into a museum showcasing various artefacts and articles of the era of Independence movement in India. The mansion has an important historic value not only because of its construction but also for the major role that it has played in the history of India. It was visited by many famous freedom fighters to develop the conspiracies to drive Britishers out of the country. If you are a history buff, you should definitely include visiting here in your list of things to do in Allahabad.

6. Revisit the History of India at Allahabad Museum

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Allahabad Museum gives the visitors a beautiful insight into the history, culture, heritage and independence movement of India. The museum is situated inside the famous Chandrashekar Azad park, where he sacrificed his life. It is surrounded by lush green gardens all around it, which gives the museum a very pleasant feel. The museum is most famous for its rock sculptors, the miniature paintings from Rajasthan, terracotta from Kaushambi, literary and artwork from Bengal School of Art. Be sure to include visiting here in your topmost things to do in Allahabad.

7. Watch a Science Show at Allahabad Planetarium

This planetarium was built beside Anand Bhawan in 1979 and is also known as the Jawahar Museum. The planetarium has a seating capacity of over 80 people and organises spectacular shows on space, celestial bodies and solar system. Besides, the complex houses several scientific models for fun kid activities. Watching a science show here is one of the best things to do in Allahabad.

8. Find Peace at the All Saints Cathedral

Built in the late 19th century, All Saints Cathedral or Patthar Girja is a spectacular Anglican Christian Church on M G Marg, Allahabad. Constructed in the gothic style architecture, the church boasts of intricately carved glass panels and marble altars. One of the most beautiful churches in all of the world, the shrine is thronged by tourists and pilgrims alike.

9. Gorge on Juicy Kebabs at Eat On

Eat On is one of the most popular eating joints in Allahabad. The place is popular for its tender kebabs and mouth watering biryanis. Although it is a small joint, it remains especially crowded during the evenings owing to its sumptuous food. The food joints boasts of being the best of its kind in all town. Make sure to include visiting here in your top things to do in Allahabad, especially if you are a foodie.

10. Marvel at the Architecture of Allahabad Fort

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Allahabad Fort is a splendid work of architecture that was built during the reign of Akbar, the Mughal Emperor in 1583. The marvellous structure is located on the banks of the confluence of the Rivers Ganga and Yamuna in the North-Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Allahabad Fort is well-known for being the largest fort ever built by Akbar. This famous attraction draws thousands of tourists from all over the world not only for its historical importance but also for its architectural magnificence.

11. Visit the Majestic Ashoka Pillar

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Placed outside the Allahabad Fort, this 16th century structure was constructed by Emperor Akbar. The exterior of the Ashoka Pillar has inscriptions from Ashoka in the Brahmi script. Even Samudragupta and Jahangir have added some inscriptions later in the Gupta script, a refined version of Brahmi. Visiting the pillar is one of the top touristy things to do in Allahabad.

12. Relax and Unwind at Alfred Park

Originally known as Alfred Park during the British colonial era, Chandrashekhar Azad Park or better known as Company Bagh is a public garden in George town in Allahabad. Spread over an area of 133 acres, the park was constructed to mark the visit of Prince Alfred in the city and till date continues to be the largest park in the city. People come here for morning and evening walks to enjoy a good breeze amidst natural environment.

13. Gorge on Delicious Street Food

Street foods in Allahabad are very popular among the locals and tourists alike. A lot of shops in the old city area (mainly Chowk and Katra) are famous for their variety of street food. It is a foodie?s paradise as there are varieties of chaats, kebabs and sweets that can be found in its quirky eateries. Loknath is a very narrow and crowded lane in Chowk area which is very popular with street food lovers - you would find everything from chaat to kachori to khasta/dum aloo to lassi to halwa here - to name a few.

14. Visit the Ancient Akshaya Vat

Located inside the Allahabad Fort complex in Patalpuri Temple, Akshaya Vat or Akshayvat is an ancient fig tree. After 2011, this tree can only be visited after seeking permission Commandant of Allahabad Fort's Ordnance Depot. Only on a single day during the Kumbh Mela festival, this sacred site is open for public visits.

15. Read a Book at the Allahabad Public Library

Located on the Alfred Park area of Allahabad, Allahabad Public Library or formerly known as Thornhill Mayne Memorial is the largest library in the state of Uttar Pradesh. As of now, the massive collection amounts to around 125,000 books, 40 types of magazines and 28 different newspapers in English, Hindi, Urdu and Bengali and contains 21 Arabic manuscripts.

16. Seek Divine Blessings at Bade Hanuman Temple

Colloquially known as Bade Hanuman Mandir, Hanuman Temple is located at Sangam area of Allahabad. The temple is possibly the only one of its kind for it is constructed under the ground and the posture of Lord Hanuman is in a leaning back position. The shrine is a popular pilgrim spot in the city and is also visited by the tourists alike. You should definitely include visiting here in your topmost things to do in Allahabad.

17. Take a Walk at the Company Gardens

Located behind the Allahabad Museum on Panna Lal Road, Company Garden is a beautiful garden full of shady trees and blooming shrubs. The park houses massive statuettes of George V and Victoria in the centre of the garden. As of now, the park is used by the kids for recreational purposes and by the elderly for evening and morning walks.

18. Offer Prayers at the Unique Alopi Devi Mandir

Located at Alopibagh, near the holy sangam (confluence of Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati) in Allahabad, Alopi Devi Mandir is an atypical temple revered by the Hindus. The temple is unique in the sense that it does not have any presiding deity but a wooden chariot •doliê which is mostly worshipped by the devotees of Lord Shiva.

19. Pay a Visit at Mankameshwar Temple

Situated on the banks of river Yamuna, in the vicinity of Saraswati Ghat in Allahabad, Mankameshwar Temple is a revered Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Enshrined by the shivalinga in the form of Shiva, the temple is thronged by pilgrims especially on Mondays and during Navratri.

20. Spend a Funtastic Day at Fun Gaon Water Park

Situated on the Kaushambi Road in Allahabad, Fun Gaon Water Park , true to its name, is a fun filled thrilling water park in the city. The park has a lot of tube slides, open slides, several swimming pools, costume changing rooms, locker rooms, shower rooms etc. It is frequented by the adults and kids alike.

21. Witness the Festivities of Kumbh Mela

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The Kumbh Mela, widely regarded as the largest gathering of pilgrims in the world, is a very important event for Hinduism. Held in at four different areas, a great number of Hindus arrive at the fair to bathe in the holy rivers, a ritual meant to cleans them of sin and bring purity to their lives. The Kumbh Mela is held every three years in a rotation between Haridwar, Allahabad, Nashik, and Ujjain, thus occurring once every twelve years at each destination. The Kumbh Mela in Allahabad is held at Prayaga, the site of the convergence of the three holy rivers of Ganga, Yamuna, and Sarasvati, known as Triveni Sangam.

22. Participate in the Magh Mela Celebrations

Organised every year in the pristine city of Allahabad, Magh Mela is the mini version of the famous Kumbh Mela. Taking place at the confluence of the three great Indian rivers Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati at Prayag near Allahabad, the mela is held in the Hindu month of Magh every year and is a much-awaited event amongst the pilgrims.

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