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Road Trips from Ahmedabad

Road trips from Ahmedabad are plenty and it is exciting to pick out what works best for you. Road trips are the best way to unwind and create memories with your friends or family or your soulmate. Wh (Read More)en the daily routine gets too hard to handle you always think of a short weekend trip to get away from the mundane everyday life. Living in a fast city like Ahmedabad people often look for destinations for a road trip because the memories you create on the road stay forever!

Here is the list of 10 Road Trips From Ahmedabad For Perfect Getaway

1. Saputara - Perfect road trip from Ahmedabad for a hill station getaway

Saputara - Perfect road trip from Ahmedabad for a hill station getaway
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Known For : Artist Village Hatgadh Fort Vansda National park

The lone hill station of Gujarat, Saputara is obviously a very famous tourist destination in the State. Located at a distance of 400 km from Ahmedabad it takes up about 5 hours and 30 minutes to reach the place. Saputara is a beautiful place with a calming lake and the high-rise mountains to give you the complete feel of being in a hill station. Saputara is popular for the several gardens present here like Lake Garden, Step Garden, and Rose Garden. It is a perfect getaway to make your short weekend memorable.

Distance from Ahmedabad: 403 km

Best Time: Mid March to mid November

20 Saputara Attractions

2. Himmatnagar


Himmatnagar is a quaint town located in the Sabarkantha district of Gujarat. The place is interestingly named after its king Himmat Singh, and thus, the place has a long standing ancient heritage in the form of its famous “Maharaja Himmat Singh Fort”. It is approximately 87 km from Ahmedabad and is a 1-hour 40-minute drive away. It is an important place for pilgrims who come here to visit the temples. The other tourist attractions located at this place are Vatkapur Teerth, Shir Mehsana Teerth, Shamlaji Temple and the Calico Museum.

3. Anand

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Known For : AMUL Diary & Chocolate Factory AMUL Co-operative Museum Flo Art gallery

Popularly known as the “Milk Capital of India” because of the mass production of dairy products, Anand is an interesting place to visit. Anand is located approximately 74 km from Ahmedabad. It is situated in the Gulf of Khambhat and it takes about 1.5 hours to reach, which makes it a convenient place for a road trip from Ahmedabad. It is one of those places which make for a unique combination of a rural and urban touch with the presence of education institutions and massive agro-based industry. Navratri is the most popular festival here which is celebrated with great pomp and show making it a good time to visit the place.

Distance from Ahmedabad: 77 km

Best Time: October to March

4 Anand Attractions

4. Palanpur


Palanpur is a historical city which was a princely state during the British era. It was heavily protected by forts on all sides making it difficult to enter the place without permission. These forts and gates turned into ruins over time and is a major tourist attraction here. Palanpur is surrounded by hills of the Aravalli Range making is a scenic spot with the panorama of the mountains. It is at a distance of 148 km from Ahmedabad and takes around 3 hours to reach making it a quick road trip from Ahmedabad. The major tourist attractions here are the Keerti Stambh or the Victory Tower, the Zorawar Palace and the Balaram Palace.

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5. Nalsarovar


The journey to Nalsarovar is one surrounded by trees and tranquillity. It is located in the swamps between central Gujarat and eastern Saurashtra. Nalsarovar is a paradise for transitory birds and the place comes alive during the months of November to January. Located at a distance of 65 km it takes around 1 hour 40 minutes to reach from Ahmedabad. You will simply love the road trip from Ahmedabad more than the destination itself. Bird watchers are in for a real treat spotting birds like a rosy pelican, white stork, flamingo, and herons.

6. Modhera - Popular road trip from Ahmedabad for a pilgrimage

Modhera - Popular road trip from Ahmedabad for a pilgrimage

Modhera is the place which houses the famous Sun Temple. Located in Gujarat, it is at a distance of 98 km from Ahmedabad taking almost 2 hours to reach. The Sun Temple was built in 1026 AD during the Solanki Dynasty and once housed a golden chariot. The remnants of the original temple are still prevalent here and is a treat for the archaeological enthusiasts. The temple is very intricately carved and attracts tourists from all parts of the country.

Distance from Ahmedabad: 97 km

7. Wankaner


Wankaner is a royal place being one of the royal states before Indian Independence. It is at a distance of 208 km from Ahmedabad and takes around 3 hours 20 minutes by road. Wankaner is famous for the stunning royal palace named “Ranjit Vilas Palace” which houses the royal family of Wankaner. There is a summer palace by the name of “Royal Oasis” which has been converted into a heritage hotel and is worth a visit. The other tourist attractions here are Shahbava Dargah, Nagabava Temple, Macchu Dam-1 and Maa Khodiyar Temple.

8. Hingolgadh Sanctuary - Popular road trip from Ahmedabad for wildlife enthusiast

Hingolgadh Sanctuary - Popular road trip from Ahmedabad for wildlife enthusiast

Hingolgadh Sanctuary is one of the lushest sanctuaries in the region and is surrounded by beautiful hills. It was declared as a protected area by the Government in 1980, which is spread over an area of 654 sq km. The distance from Ahmedabad to Hingolgadh is 183 km which takes up to 3 hours by car. It is an adventure to look for the lush greenery and wild animal while enjoying the scenic beauty of this place.

9. Pavagadh


Pavagadh lying in the state of Gujarat is a well-known hill station of the region. It is well known for the Mahakali Temple which attracts a lot of pilgrims all year round. Pavagadh lies in the Panchmahal district, which is mainly a tribal area and is at a distance of 140 km from Ahmedabad. The Mahakali Temple holds special importance for both Hindus and Muslims. According to local tales, the temple was established after Goddess Sati’s right toe fell here. The temple has many trekking trails which make it a mini-adventure on its own.

10. Girnar

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Known For : Girnar Jain Temples Girnar Parikrama

Girnar is a mountainous region of Gujarat lying at a distance of about 327 km from Ahmedabad. The place is quite popular for its lush green forest cover and lies at an elevation of 3660 ft. Like most of the places in India, this place too is known for some of its temples. There are several temples here which are of importance to the Hindus and Jains. Girnar Hills are a collection of five hills and are the highest peaks in Gujarat. The green surroundings of this road trip from Ahmedabad would definitely leave you refreshed!

Distance from Ahmedabad: 323 km

Best Time: July to March

2 Girnar Attractions

Make the most of your next holiday and drive off on any of these road trips from Ahmedabad, because why not?

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