Places to visit near Bhubaneshwar

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Places to visit near Bhubaneshwar

Here is the list of 14 Places to visit near Bhubaneshwar

1. Udayagiri Caves - 7 km from Bhubaneshwar

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Udayagiri mean the mountain of the sunrise, a historical Hindu ritual site home to twenty rock-cut caves near Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh. Vishnu Padagiri is the otherwise known name of the place meaning "the feet of Vishnu". They are extensively carved with iconographies of Hindu Gods, namely Vishnu, Durga and Shiva containing legendary stories of the Gods and their Shrines.

2. Lingaraj Temple - 9 km from Bhubaneswar

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The Lingaraj Temple is an ancient temple situated in the city of Bhubaneswar and is the largest one situated in the city. Dedicated to Lord Shiva as the name suggests, the temple was built in the 7th century by the King Jajati Keshari. It is highly revered because of the fact that the Linga here, which is the phallic form of Lord Shiva, is believed to have appeared naturally.

3. Mukteswara Temple - 9 km from Bhubaneshwar

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Mukteswara Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is a 10th century temple and presents a quintessential example of the longevity of the Kalinga style of architecture. This temple has stood the test of time and still stands 35 feet tall in all its glory and charm. This temple has beautiful sculptures and carvings depicting the various Panchatantra stories.

4. Nandankanan Zoological Park - 11 km from Bhubaneshwar

A unique zoo set inside a forest, Nandankanan Zoological Park was established in 1960. It is a fascinating sanctuary built to ensure that the flora and fauna thrive in a protected region in their natural habitat. It is the first zoo in the world to have successfully bred Melanistic and White Tigers.

5. Chausath Yogini Temple - 18 km from Bhubaneshwar

Located near the mesmerising River Narmada, Chausath Yogini Temple is a 10th century ancient temple that resembles the temple in Khajuraho. It was built during the Kalachuri Kingdom. The presiding deity is Goddess Durga. The temple follows the Yogini culture in India with about 70 Yoginis residing in the temple.

6. Deras Dam - 21 km from Bhubaneshwar

Built amidst the beautiful natural surroundings of the Chadaka Elephant Sanctuary, Deras is a neat little dam constructed for irrigation purposes. The serene waters, the lush green forest and the fresh air make the attraction a pleasant escape at a stone's throw distance from the city life.

7. Ocean World Water Park - 22 km from Bhubaneswar

Located at a distance of 22 kms from Bhubaneswar in Kurang Sasan, Ocean World Water Park is one among the best and the most popular water parks of the city. Apart from the massive water rides and roller coasters, Ocean World also has an amusement park facilitated with umpteen regular rides and fun activities.

8. Barabati Fort - 23 km from Bhubaneshwar

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The Barbati Fort in Cuttack in Oddisa is a well known fort with carved gateway. It is about 8km away from the city. It is a 14th century fort build during the Ganga dynasty. The fort is situated on the river Mahanadi. The fort is situated at such a calculated place that it provides a beautiful and spectacular view of the modern Cuttack city. It is the earthen mound of the 9 storeyed palace.

9. Cuttack - 27 km from Bhubaneshwar

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Known For : Bhitarkanika National Park & Wildlife Sanctuary Barabati Fort Stone Revetment

Referred to as the cultural capital of Odisha, Cuttack is a commercial city with plenty of impressive tourist attractions. Cuttack is the second-largest city in Odisha and the former capital as well. Local handicrafts of this state are displayed and traded in this very city. Cuttack is also known as the silver city because of its famous silver work.

Best Time: July to March

10. Chilika Lake - 61 km from Bhubaneshwar

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Chilika Lake is the largest internal salt water lake in Asia, it is a paradise on earth for bird watchers and nature lovers. The pear-shaped lake is dotted with a few small islands and has fisheries and salt pans around its shore. The Chilika Lake also houses the most accommodating ecosystems in the world, which means that a wide assortment of flora and fauna can be spotted here.

11. Puri - 68 km from Bhubaneshwar

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Known For : Sri Jagannath Puri Temple Chilika Lake Puri Beach

Puri in Odisha is one of the four must-visit pilgrimage sites for Hindus because of Jagannath Temple that forms the part of Char Dham in India. Puri is a beach city located on the coast of Bay of Bengal which is one of the favourites among people of West Bengal for a short trip. Having gained popularity among hippies back in the 1970s due to the legalisation of Bhang, Puri is still a popular destination among backpackers, however, the availability of bhang is now limited.

Best Time: July to March

12. Konark - 71 km from Bhubaneshwar

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Known For : Sun Temple, Konark Chandrabhaga Beach ASI Museum

Konark, in the state of Orissa, is renowned world over for the Sun Temple which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Annual dance festival and its beautiful sandy beaches. Konark's Sun Temple is an architectural marvel and is one of the most beautiful monuments of India.  The Annual Dance Festival is a five-day-long cultural extravaganza which invites unique dancing talent from all over the country.

Best Time: September to March

13. Ramachandi Beach - 88 km from Bhubaneswar

Located at a distance of 65 kms from Bhubaneswar, Ramachandi is a beautiful beach situated on the confluence of the mighty Bay of Bengal and vivacious River Kushabhadra. At a distance of just 7 kms from Konark, and with the construction of the Marine Drive Road, the beach is easily accessible and is frequented mostly by picnickers, young couples, college students apart from regular tourists. Ramachandi Beach boasts of shimmering silver sands, clear indigo waters and tall towering palm trees.

14. Paradeep Beach - 114 km from Bhubaneshwar

Located at a distance of 125 kms from Paradeep and 94 kms from Cuttack, Paradeep is one of the most serene and tranquil beaches of Odisha. Boasting of golden shimmering sands, indigo blue waters and lined with huge rock boulders, the beach is not a prominent tourist spot but also a major sea port of the country.

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