Museums in Baku: Windows Into Azerbaijan's Past

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Museums in Baku

Baku is not only renowned for its modern skyline and historic landmarks but also for its rich cultural heritage. With a history dating back centuries, Baku boasts an array of museums that offer fasci (Read More)nating insights into the country's art, culture, and history. From ancient artifacts to contemporary art exhibitions, these museums provide visitors with a captivating journey through Azerbaijan's past and present.

Here is the list of 11 Museums in Baku: Windows Into Azerbaijan's Past

1. Heydar Aliyev Centre

Heydar Aliyev Centre

The Heydar Aliyev Centre is an architectural marvel renowned for its futuristic and flowing design, characterized by curvilinear forms and no sharp angles or corners. The center has a permanent exhibition about the life and influence of the national leader Heydar Aliyev. As a cultural complex, Heydar Aliyev Centre hosts a diverse range of exhibitions, events, and performances, providing visitors with an opportunity to explore Azerbaijani and international art, history, and cultural expressions.

2. Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum

Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum

Celebrating Azerbaijan's rich tradition of carpet weaving, the Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum showcases a vast collection of Azerbaijani carpets and rugs featuring both historical and contemporary weaving methods and materials. It houses some of Azerbaijan's largest and oldest carpets, dating back to the 17th century.

3. Baku Museum of Miniature Books

Baku Museum of Miniature Books

Situated within the Old City of Baku, this unique museum houses a vast collection of miniature books from around the world. Its exhibits offer a fascinating glimpse into the art of bookmaking and the history of printing, showcasing miniature editions of literary classics, religious texts, and rare manuscripts. It started operating on April 2, 2002, and in 2015, it was officially recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the largest private museum of miniature books. It showcases a remarkable collection of over 6500 books from 64 countries.

4. Nizami Museum of Azerbaijani Literature

Nizami Museum of Azerbaijani Literature

Named after the renowned poet Nizami Ganjavi, this museum in Baku celebrates Azerbaijan's literary heritage and literary luminaries. Its collection includes manuscripts, books, artworks, and personal belongings of prominent Azerbaijani writers, poets, and scholars, offering insights into the country's rich literary traditions and cultural legacy.

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5. Independence Museum of Azerbaijan

Independence Museum of Azerbaijan

Museum of Independence commemorates Azerbaijan's struggle for independence and sovereignty. Through multimedia exhibits, documents, photographs, and artifacts, it chronicles key events and milestones in the nation's quest for freedom, from the collapse of the Soviet Union to the establishment of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Established in 1991, it currently holds more than 20,000 exhibits.

6. Surakhani Ship Museum

Surakhani Ship Museum

The Surakhani Ship Museum, situated in Baku's Seaside National Park is the world's first-ever tanker museum. This museum, a former oil tanker, creatively has been transformed into a captivating maritime attraction. Opened in 2021, the museum is a must-visit destination for enthusiasts of maritime history, engineering marvels, and the oil industry. It features a range of interactive exhibits, hands-on displays, and showcases artifacts, exhibits, and interactive displays related to seafaring and naval history. It also houses in-house sailing-themed restaurant.

7. National Museum of History of Azerbaijan

National Museum of History of Azerbaijan

The National Museum of History of Azerbaijan, situated in Taghiyev Street in Baku, serves as a comprehensive repository of the country's rich historical and cultural heritage. Established in 1920, the museum houses an extensive collection spanning various periods, from ancient times to the modern era. It holds around 300,000 exhibits that are a captivating blend of artifacts, archaeological discoveries, manuscripts, artworks, and ethnographic materials, each contributing to a vibrant tapestry of Azerbaijani history and culture.

8. Azerbaijan State Museum of Art

Azerbaijan State Museum of Art

The National Museum of Art in Baku is not only a repository of Azerbaijani classical fine arts but also a treasure trove of masterpieces from around the world. The museum's collection includes artifacts dating from the 4th millennium BC to the present day. With over 17,000 artworks on display, you can marvel at a wide range of items, including painted ceramics, engraved copper and bronze wares, ancient carpets, and exquisite jewelry. The museum also features works by Azerbaijani miniature painters from the 15th to 16th centuries, as well as paintings and sculptures by contemporary artists.

9. Museum of Modern Art

Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art showcases a diverse collection of contemporary Azerbaijani art, including paintings and sculptures. Founded in 2009, the museum provides a platform for emerging and established artists to exhibit their creations, reflecting the dynamic and vibrant art scene in Azerbaijan today. The main attraction of the exhibition is the artworks of Azerbaijani avant-garde artists from the 20th century up to the present.

10. Palace of Shirvanshahs

Palace of Shirvanshahs

The Palace of the Shirvanshahs dates back to the 15th century and served as the residence for the rulers of the Shirvanshah dynasty, who were the rulers of the Shirvan region. The Palace of the Shirvanshahs is part of the Old City of Baku, which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Built by : Shirvanshah Sheykh Ibrahim I

Timing : 10 AM - 6 PM

Entry Fee : For kids (foreigners also) - 0.20 AZN
For students - 5 AZN
For adults - 15 AZN

11. Azerbaijan State Museum of Musical Culture

Azerbaijan State Museum of Musical Culture

Founded in 1967, the museum is dedicated to preserving and showcasing the diverse musical traditions and achievements of the Azerbaijani people. The museum's extensive collection includes a wide range of musical instruments, manuscripts, sheet music, recordings, and artifacts spanning centuries of Azerbaijani musical history. The museum also hosts regular concerts, lectures, and workshops

From the opulent interiors of the Palace of the Shirvanshahs to the thought-provoking exhibits at the Heydar Aliyev Center, each museum provides a unique insight into Azerbaijan's past and present. Whether you're a history buff, an art enthusiast, or simply seeking to immerse yourself in the local culture, these museums promise an enlightening experience. So, plan your itinerary, step into the world of Baku's museums, and uncover the fascinating stories that await within their walls.

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