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Hamilton is known for its numerous waterfalls that span all across the city area. But waterfalls aren't the only attraction. Apart from this, there are wildlife conservation areas that also serve as (Read More)a trail for hikers. Locals enjoy visiting the local parks to relax and have some alone time. Lake Hamilton blesses this area with picturesque scenery, and a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve is also situated in Hamilton.

Here is the list of 6 Lakes in Hamilton

1. The Waterfront Trail, Hamilton

The Waterfront Trail, Hamilton

One of the best biking trails that visitors will come across while traveling in Hamilton. It comprises three interconnected sections that span 450 km across lake Ontario. There are 182 parks encompassed in this area with several beaches, yacht clubs, and numerous communities. The Ontario coastline is perfectly visible from the trail and the thousand islands that lead up to the Archipelago

Location : 3307 Lakeshore Road West, Oakville ON L6L 6S6

2. Kelso Conservation Area, Hamilton

Kelso Conservation Area, Hamilton

To visit this place, one needs to have an online booking limited to 2 hours per slot because of the pandemic. The location is quite easy to find from the city center and the best time to visit is in the summer month. During this time, there are several activities, such as canoeing and rafting. Apart from the summertime, tourists also flock over during the winters to visit the beautiful ski resort. One can either walk up to the hill or you can take the ski lift.

Location : 5234 Kelso Road, Milton, ON L9T 4Z1

3. Professor's Lake, Hamilton

Professor's Lake, Hamilton

This is the perfect location for those who want to get the feeling of being on a beach but don't want to travel a long distance. Though visitors have to pay a fee for accessing the beach, the parking is free in a limited capacity. The beach spans across a big area with lots of room available for a picnic spot. One can even go kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boating after paying a fee.

Location : 1660 North Park Drive, Brampton, ON L6S 5S8

4. Guleph Lake, Hamilton

Guleph Lake, Hamilton

A few minutes' drives from the Guleph center brings you to a little oasis called Guleph Lake Campsite. There are several campsites, each big and offers privacy; there are also fields, a sandy beach for swimming, and hiking or biking paths. 

Location : 7743 Conservation Dr, RR 4, Guleph ON N1H 6J1

5. Heart Lake Conservation Area, Hamilton

Heart Lake Conservation Area, Hamilton

There's a nature trail around the lake where it gets easy to get lost while walking by the water. You will find many people fishing by the river and their families, and you can book a spot for a BBQ. There are boats available for rentals, from paddle boats to row boats if you want to fish at a quiet location. There's also a zip line that gets the adrenaline going. 

Location : 10818 Heart Lake Road, Brampton, ON L6Z 0B3

6. Lake Wabukayne, Hamilton

Lake Wabukayne, Hamilton

Situated in the Meadowvale area, this lake is a section of the 4 km Wabukayne trail. It's a beautiful getaway that you can reach by driving along Ellin Mills parkway. Wildlife conservation is taken seriously, so there are several species such as turtles, doves, ducks, etc. The lake along the lake is only 1 km long, but dense trees always cover the heat to the visitors. 

Location : 2630 Inlake Court, Mississauga, ON L5N 2A7

Are you planning to visit the alluring Lakes in Hamilton?

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