Beautiful Beaches in Mahe

Beaches in Mahe

Mahe is home to some of the most beautiful beaches not only in Seychelles but the whole world. With the country's capital Victoria and the Seychelles International Airport located here, a visit to ea (Read More)ch of the beaches in Mahe becomes all the more reasonable. Let's race along the sands of each of the Beaches in Mahe and discover the coolest facts:

Here is the list of 22 Beautiful Beaches in Mahe

1. Petite Anse, Seychelles

Petite Anse, Seychelles

Petite Anse lies close to Grand Anse and is a sight to behold. It lies within the Four Seasons Hotel and Resort, but the great news is that it is open to the public all the time. It's fifteen minutes walk up a small hill via Grand Anse, and the little walk is worth the soft, powdery sand splashed with still, deep blue waters.

Highlights: Well, the main USP of Petite Anse is its scintillating beauty. Some tourists even opine that it is more beautiful than its sister beach Grand Anse. You can have yourself clicked in the scenic beauty of Petite Anse ( the pictures clicked here are perfect against the beach's backdrop).

Activities to do: The waves in Petite Anse are rough and choppy, and therefore swimming is not a good idea. The beach is considered best for playing beach games with your family. Children must not be allowed to swim here. Sunbathing and relaxing in the cool shade of the trees is complete bliss.

2. Grande Anse Beach, Seychelles

Grande Anse Beach, Seychelles

Magnificent hills and mountains, turquoise waters and skin-coloured sand- all these make Grand Anse a picturesque beauty. The mountainous landscape in the background adds to its stunning beauty. The nearby bus stop is also an added advantage. The coral reef is absent here implying that the waves are higher than normal. It is also one of the most open beaches in Seychelles, one of the unique features which sets it apart from the other beaches in Seychelles.

Highlights: The longest beach on the western coast, Grand Anse has a vast space for families to relax, sunbathe and picnic. The Avani Barbarons Resort and Spa is located nearby, and you can walk up to the beach on foot from here. The photographic beauty is indeed a charmer.

Activities to do: Like Petite Anse, the currents are strong and hence swimming is not recommended. However, the gorgeous beach with its serene aura compensates for it. Swimming is advisable only for confident swimmers, but do not swim away too far from the shore because the water here is deeper than the other beaches on Mahe.

3. Anse Intendance, Seychelles

Anse Intendance, Seychelles
4.2 /5

Thick-green vegetation coupled with gigantic rock boulders, azure water and silky sand is why Anse Intendance is considered the most beautiful beach in Seychelles with a postcard view. No wonder why Anse Intendance is regarded as a must on everyone's itinerary visiting Seychelles. The palm trees bordering the beach stand tall and look spectacular. There is an increase in the level of seaweed here between June and September. It is a favourite spot for the locals to surf along its ravishing waves. The breathtaking view is something to die for.

Highlights: The beach is easily accessible via buses and cars. The bus stand is situated nearby, and there is even parking facility close at hand. The Banyan Tree Resort is an amazing attraction, and the sunset is a glorious view.

Activities to do: Surfing is rejoiced by visitors between May and September when the South-east trade wind blows. However, swimming can be dangerous at this time. Swimming is good in October and November. Flanked with palm trees, the beach offers a cool shade to rest.

4. Beau Vallon, Seychelles

Beau Vallon, Seychelles
4.3 /5

Beau Vallon is one of the most happening beaches in Seychelles which makes it the most popular. It is a bay on the north-western coast of Mahe. The weekly Bazar held every Wednesday and on the last Saturday of each month on this beach offers mouth-watering local appetisers and a completely different vibe. Also, the beach is well-protected with coral reef.

Highlights: There is easy access by buses, cars and taxi and the numerous hotels nearby make the stay even more desirable. Le Meridien is the oldest hotel on Mahe located close to the beach. "Mahek" the only air-conditioned Indian restaurant is located in Coral Strand. Other popular luxury hotels include Hilton-Northolme Hotel and the Savoy. No doubt why the Beau Vallon is a must on everyone's itinerary visiting Seychelles.

Activities to do: There are so many things to do besides relaxing in the shade and enjoying the splendid sunsets. These include snorkelling, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, scuba diving, fishing, jet skis, and much more.

5. Pointe Au Sel

Pointe Au Sel

Pointe Au Sel is situated on the south-east of Mahe. The cool shade together with its tranquillity makes it fit to spend an entire day on this beach. Flapped with shallow waters, this is a small piece of land that juts out into the Indian Ocean. The sunsets here are phenomenal and clicking pictures here is a must.

Highlights: The beach is close to the bus stop and has a host of restaurants and hotels at a walking distance. The place is less crowded and is ideal for a quiet vacation away from the usual bustle of other beaches on this island. It is also a good picnic spot.

Activities to do: Crystal clear shallow waters lined with alluring white sand make Pointe Au Sel perfect for swimming, snorkelling or let's say, a memorable stroll along the shore. The water is quite shallow and unperturbed and, therefore even children can enjoy swimming here. The bright sun means that you can even sunbathe and have a good time.

6. Anse a la Mouche

Anse a la Mouche

Spectacular, stately waters in this curved bay make for a good picture. The beach sprawls on a large area with enough private space for everyone. Anse a la Mouche has less adventurous activities to offer when compared to other nearby beaches on the southwestern coast. Nevertheless, it has a gorgeous view and will not disappoint you. There is no continuous strip of beach as seen in Baie Lazare.

Highlights: The bus stand is just a few minutes away from the beach and you can also taste some of the savoury Seychelles dishes served by the nearby restaurants such as the Anchor restaurant.

Activities to do: The shallow waters make swimming suitable for even children. Apart from swimming, snorkelling, windsurfing, kitesurfing and fishing, there are other activities which are enjoyed by the visitors.

7. Baie Lazare, Seychelles

Baie Lazare, Seychelles

Named after the French explorer Lazare Picault, the iridescent hues of sand mingled with the heavenly blue waters make Baie Lazare a perfect spot for some lovely photographs. The beach has two endpoints-Lazare Picault and Gaulette. The granite rock formations lining the cyanic waters is a perfect beach beauty. Moreover, this is the site where the locals discovered pirate treasure.

Highlights: There are some amazing resorts such as Valmer Resort and the Kempinski Seychelles resort in this bay. Plus, there are parking amenities with a bus stand just a few miles away.

Activities to do: The shallow waters make it good for swimming, windsurfing and snorkelling. You also have the alluring scenery to enjoy yourself. The sunsets are prepossessing, especially on the Gaulette point of the beach.

8. Anse Takamaka, Seychelles

Anse Takamaka, Seychelles

The Takamaka trees are found in abundance along this beach. The aesthetic beauty of Anse Takamaka is captivating and enchanting. The hues of natural green and blue mingle here to form a postcard image. Probably one of the reasons why tourists coming here describes it as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Highlights: The Takamaka trees, after which the beach is named, provide cool shade and add to the incredible beauty of the place. The bus stop is just 20 metres away, and a popular Creole restaurant, Chez Batista which serves lip-smacking dishes is not far away from the beach.

Activities to do: The beach offers snorkelling in the wonderful waters of the Indian Ocean. However, due to the lack of rental facilities, one needs to bring his or her own equipment. Swimming is cherished by adults and children alike.

9. Carana Beach

Carana Beach

This deserted beach in the north of Mahe boasts of its ravishing calm waters and soothing white sand. It is a small beach in the north of Mahe. The shallow water offers excellent swimming conditions. The picturesque beauty along with the vegetation in the background means you can click some awesome pictures here.

Highlights: This secluded beach in Mahe offers a quiet ambience to couples who want to relax in peace. The orangish red sunsets provide a perfect setting for a romantic outing. The beach is not very famous, which means that those looking for someplace to spend time alone can definitely give it a shot.

Activities to do: The shallow waters between November and July provide excellent swimming and snorkelling conditions. The waves are usually higher during other times of the year, and hence, swimming is not advisable. Nevertheless, the high currents ensure that you have a good surfing experience.

10. Port Glaud

Port Glaud

Rocks, boulders, sunlight and golden sands make the Port Glaud truly Elysian. The beach located on the western coast of Mahe is usually deserted. The splendid fusion of rocks, boulders, sand, and the azure waters is particularly the reason why Port Glaud is a must. Easy access, the plethora of activities and the remarkable restaurants nearby make it a complete holiday package.

Highlights: Deplace restaurant is a well-known restaurant in the bay. Also, the beach is near the Port Launay National Park which makes the view quite splendid.

Activities to do: There are some bus-stops, restaurants and guesthouses in the region catering to the needs of the visitors. Swimming and snorkelling are ideal in the shallow waters.

11. Anse aux Pins

Anse aux Pins

The offshore coral reef ensures calm, shallow water along the coastline thereby making it suitable for swimming and snorkelling. The beach is surrounded by exciting places which deserve a one-time visit. This beach along the east coast of Mahe offers breathtaking sights of the vast turquoise waters and white sand.

Highlights: One of the very few golf courses in Seychelles- the 9 hole golf course is in proximity to the beach. Also, there is the Domaine de Val des Près Craft Village located along the bay. The place is usually deserted and can be easily accessed by buses.

Activities to do: Windsurfing and kitesurfing are other activities that you might try a hand at. The nearby restaurants and bars make your stay at the beach complete. The beach is perfect for families with kids.

12. Anse Machabee

Anse Machabee

You can have this beach all to yourself since it is hardly visited. The eye-catching beauty of Anse Machabee will surely mesmerise you. It is a tiny secluded beach in the north of Mahe. The water is shallow here, but it is not advisable to swim here unless you are a confident swimmer. The soft sands crush under your feet as you stroll along this beautiful beach.

Highlights: Do visit this beach if you are weary and want to spend some time alone. The pristine view of the Silhouette Island is a sight to behold.

Activities to do: The water is usually tranquil, but the rocks underneath it imply that swimming can be a bad idea for the not-so-experienced swimmers. The bus stop is close to the beach, and although there are not so many activities to do here, it is a perfect spot to let yourself at ease and relax in the shade of the palm trees.

13. Fairyland Beach

Fairyland Beach

Located in the south-east of Mahe, Fairyland Beach is a beautiful place to relax with your families. It is popular among the tourists as the "Relax Beach". It shares many of its features with Anse Royale, its neighbour. The idyllic beauty of Chauve Souris which you can adore while sunbathing on this island is truly elysian.

Highlights: The beach is well-connected via the coastal road, and there is also a bus stop. Accommodations in the form of guesthouses and hotels are located nearby, and those staying at the hotels close to the beach can easily walk up to the smooth sands.

Activities to do: The coral reef provides protection, and swimming and snorkelling are the common activities. The water is so shallow that one can even swim to the offshore island of Chauve Souris.

14. Police Bay

Police Bay

Police Bay is a wild, open bay on the south coast of Mahe. Coral reef, rocks and boulders contrasted with the dark green of the nearby vegetation make the beach look aesthetically splendid. It is considered as the sister beach to Petite Police, which is situated on the southernmost tip of Mahe.

Highlights: There is a bus stop at Anse Bazarca, and the flamboyant scenery is worth getting captured in your camera.

Activities to do: The water is rough and therefore swimming is a bad idea. However, the beach never disappoints those looking for some adventure. The high tide makes surfing and scuba diving quite exciting and appealing.

15. Anse Royale

Anse Royale

Anse Royale is one of the busiest beaches in Mahe located near the little town of Anse Royale. This beach was the site where the first spice garden was set up in Seychelles in 1772. The coral reef provides protection to the beach. The shallow waters make it ideal for families with children and is probably one of the reasons for its widespread popularity.

Highlights: The beach is quite popular, thanks to the easy access via the bus stop and the various bars and restaurants. The little town of Anse Royale lies adjacent to the beach and has numerous facilities like hospital, petrol pump, various accommodations, banks and the Seychelles University.

Activities to do: The crystal clear shallow water means that you can do many things here- from swimming to snorkelling to windsurfing and kitesurfing. Or, you can simply relax in the Seychelles tropical sun and look at the church overlooking the beach.

16. Baie Ternay Beach

Baie Ternay Beach

Located in the Baie Ternay Marine Park in Mahe, this oft-deserted beach on the west coast is ideal for swimming and snorkelling due to its shallow waters. The Silhouette Island in the north-west adds to the beache's spectacular beauty. There is a sharp drop of about 300 metres away from the shore, and hence, one should be careful while swimming here. The surrounding lush, green vegetation of the Park is really a charmer.

Highlights: Car parking is just five minutes away from the beach and the walk is worth the spectacular scenery.

Activities to do: The plethora of underwater marine life explains why scuba divers consider it to be a paradise. Sunsets are marvellous, and you will love to capture mother nature in your shutterbugs.

17. Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach

This is another extremely popular beach located on the west coast of Mahe and is frequently visited by the patrons of the nearby Sunset Beach Hotel. This is a small beach nestled near the northernmost tip of the island. The bus stop is located just a few metres away, and the shade provides enough protection from the sun. The fabulous scenery of this beach is really a sight to behold.

Highlights: The Hilton Northolme Resort is just a few minutes away from the beach. Palm trees, old coral formation, with azure water crashing on to the sparkling golden sand beckons anyone in a holiday mood in Seychelles.

Activities to do: This tiny beach offers swimming prospects for children, snorkelling, scuba diving and even kayaking. The beach is so gorgeous that you cannot resist clicking some excellent snaps.

18. Anse Forbans

Anse Forbans

Anse Forbans has its coastline along other beaches such as the Turtle Bay and the Anse aux Pins. Its inviting shallow waters washing off the golden sand offers a typical image of a Seychelles beach. The beach shares many of its features with the other neighbouring beaches in the south-east of Mahe. Overall, the beach is a complete holiday package.

Highlights: The Hilton Allamanda Resort is a famous resort located nearby. There is also an ample number of resorts and guesthouses close to the beach apart from Hilton Allamanda.

Activities to do: Anse Forbans is a relatively calm bay with very shallow water which makes it ideal for swimming and snorkelling. It is a good place to relax for families with children who can easily bathe and wade in the water. The breathtaking views on this beach are worth getting captured in your cameras.

19. Port Launay North Beach

Port Launay North Beach

You would feel like you are sitting in mother nature's lap in the Port Launay North Beach. This is a lively beach in Mahe and is rare of a gem in Seychelles. Something you definitely would not want to miss. The beach has never failed to intrigue its visitors with its cyanic waters and the green vegetation in the background. There are a bunch of parking lots and bus stops nearby, making it accessible for anyone who wants to visit this amazing beach.

Highlights: The Constance Ephelia Resort is a very popular resort located nearby and the beach is mostly visited by those staying here. With its truly mesmerising beauty, the beach is located in the Port Launay National Park and has a rich biodiversity.

Activities to do: The visitors are in complete awe of its sandy beach and turquoise waters. The cherry on the cake is that the beach also has some activities to offer besides the spellbinding beauty of the sands. Kayaking, scuba diving, canoeing, surfing- you name it, and Port Launay has got you covered.

20. Anse Bazarca

Anse Bazarca

The breathtaking views on this beach make this beach worth a one-time visit. The beach does not see too many tourists and therefore, offers a quiet and serene ambience. How would it feel to adore the pristine beauty of blue sky contrasted with the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean and the golden sands in perfect solitude. Anse Bazarca is one such beach in Mahe which would provide you that experience.

Highlights: This beach can be visited on the same day along with Police Bay. There is a bus stand close at hand with a parking lot.

Activities to do: The waves break onto the shore with a lot of might, and therefore swimming and snorkelling are usually not advised. The beach is perfect if you are feeling lazy and simply want to lay back under the sun.

21. Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay

A placidity sits upon the waters of the Turtle Bay which is why it is so popular among the locals. It is a flamboyant beach with calm, shallow waters and small waves. The Vye Marmit and the Tyfoo are some famous restaurants located nearby. The main road running close to it ensures easy access by buses and cars. It is a popular picnic spot among the locals.

Highlights: The beach is well connected by one of the main coastal roads of Mahe. It provides an excellent sunbathing and picnicking experience. Since it is not crowded, the Turtle Bay is a wonderful place to enjoy your day at the beach in a tranquil setting.

Activities to do: The unperturbed waters make it ideal for swimming, snorkelling, windsurfing and kitesurfing. The bay is also used as a fishing site by the locals.

22. Anse Soleil

Anse Soleil

The eye-catching beauty of the cyanic waters and the charismatic golden sand make Anse Soleil gloriously appropriate to visit this popular beach in the south-west of Mahe. The enchanting beauty of the beach lends itself to the romantic setting and is quite popular among couples. That said, it does not mean you cannot enjoy yourself here if you are a lone wolf!

Highlights: The bus stop is about 20 metres away from the bay and there is even a limited parking lot available. There are a bunch of shops and restaurants in the vicinity, making your stay even more memorable.

Activities to do: Swimming and snorkelling are the most enjoyed activities on the beach. However, surfing can also be done at times of high tide.

To sum it all, Mahe has one of the world's most exotic and beautiful beaches with its own unique features. The beaches with their stunning scenery and alluring activities make your sojourn at Seychelles a trip worth remembering.

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