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Ambassa, Tripura Overview

Located in the youngest district in the state of Tripura in Dhalai, Ambassa is a quiet little town mainly popular for its several temples and pleasant surroundings. Initially a hilly area, which was covered in dense woods, the forests were cleared to create the district only recently in 1995. Boasting of picturesque surroundings and ample of natural resources, the town has not only become a popular tourist spot but also has earned fame for being extremely resourceful. Another important thing about Ambassa is that it is inhabited by tribes which mainly live on houses built on platforms. Other residents have mostly migrated from India and Bangladesh.

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Places to Visit in Ambassa

The places of attraction in Ambassa are mainly its several beautiful gardens, and the plethora of temples. However, some important tourist spots are situated in close vicinity to Ambassa. There is Ujjanta Temple and Neermahal Temple in Melaghar. Also there is Siphahijla Wildlife Sanctuary, Jagannath Temple, Unakoti, Dumboor Lake, Pilak, ChabimuraRosevalley National Park, Tripurasundari Temple etc. Here’s listing the important attractions in town itself.
  1. Juice Plant

    A massive juice plant is situated in Nalkata, some 38 kms from Ambassa which is a major tourist attraction. Around the spot are also several handicrafts shops which you can visit and also shop from.
  2. Longtharai Mandir

    Presided by Lord Shiva, Longtharai Temple is believed to be the place where Lord Shiva rested while he was on his way to the Kailash Parvat. The temple is situated atop a hill with a picturesque valley below. That is how, the temple came to be called ‘Longtharai’ as the word means ‘deep valley’. The highlight of the temple is also the beautiful Khumpi flowers that bloom here. The peace and calm at the place is beyond description. Considered to be an ideal place to relax and rejuvenate amidst nature, the place is a haven for solitude seekers. Besides, it also draws a lot of devotees who come here for pilgrimage.
  3. Kamaleswari Mandir

    Located at a distance of around 35 km from Ambassa in Dhalai, the temple is enshrined by Goddess Kali who is also known by the name of Goddess Kamaleswari. Lately, the region around the temple has also been developed into a subdivision and is called Kamalpur.

How to Reach

The nearest airport to Ambassa is Agartala Airport. The nearest railway station is Penchartal railway station. From Penchartal, you can reach Ambassa by road. The bus stand at Teliamural is in close vicinity to Ambassa and also the nearest.

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