Best Time To Visit East India

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Winter is the best time to visit East India

Chota Nagpur Plateau- Bihar, Jharkhand and Odisha

The states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha and parts of West Bengal are covered by the Chota Nagpur Plateau. It is surrounded by the Indo-Gangetic Plains on north and east; and the Mahanadi river basin on the south. The plateau has been topographically divided into three levels depending on their heights. The largest part is occupied by Ranchi which also happens to be the hilly region because of the altitude. The scenic town has many ravishing waterfalls, mesmerising valleys and green meadows to its heritage. Based on the same factors, the area also boasts of a rich wildlife and a pleasant environment. The lowest rung of the plateau covers the Purulia district in West Bengal which can largely be called a plain area. The area is mineral rich and is a storehouse for precious minerals like mica, limestone, iron-ore, coal etc.

It also has a full flourishing tourism industry. Odisha is home to the wonderful towns of Konark and Puri which boast of their architectural prowess through magnificent temples, sun bathed beaches, and scenic beauty. Bihar and Jharkhand, although extremely underrated, have a high tourism potential. Ranchi and Hazaribagh are amongst some of the most picturesque places in the country. You can also find the ruins of Nalanda and Bodhgaya in the region. All in all, the area has something to offer to everyone- the history buffs, the nature lovers, the pilgrims, the adventure enthusiasts and last but not the least, the wanderers.

Best Time to Visit

The area has a tropical climate with hot and humid summers and chilly winters. The best time to visit it is either during autumn or during spring i.e. October to December or February to April. You should avoid visiting in summers as the sun gets too hot and the climate is extremely unpleasant. Similarly, winters are too chilly to wander off. However, if you don’t mind rains and you enjoy exploring the city during occasional showers of rain, you can also visit during the monsoon season.

The Bay of Bengal- West Bengal

With international borders on the east and north, West Bengal is bounded by the mighty Bay of Bengal in the west. It boasts of a diverse topography which includes the serene coastal plains, the Darjeeling Himalayan Hill Range, the ebullient Ganga- Brahmaputra delta and the beautiful Sunderbans. It is occupied by a majority of Bengali Hindu population. It was once the seat of the ferocious Ashokan Empire and is known to produce Nobel laureates like Rabindranath Tagore. The state swings between the mighty Himalayas to the green Gangetic plains, from tranquil beaches to mangrove estuaries, from the doabs and the delta vegetation to the littoral mangrove forests. Adding to the charm and splendour are the magnificent monuments, fierce folk traditions, colourful crafts, alluring arts, contemporary melodious music and a vibrant and lit overall culture.

Besides, it is home to the ‘City of Joy’ aka ‘Cultural Capital of India’. The city can surely take you back in time with its dainty lakes and old world activities. Take a dip in the river, attend at aarti at the ghar, taste the delicious filter coffee from a roadside stall...Soak in the vibe of the celebration known as Kolkata. This beautiful hangover can be treated by indulging in a little adventure and fun on the hills of Darjeeling. The beguiling destination has twee hill towns with toy trains, tea gardens, green estates, clear blue streams, velvety meadows and everything else that is needed for a perfect getaway to the hills.

Best Time to Visit

The state has distinct topographical features which can be, very broadly, classified into the Indo-Gangetic Plains and the Himalayas. The plain area has a typical tropical climate. October to March i..s early autumn to spring is considered the best time to visit the region. The weather is pleasant with little rainfall; you might also need light woollens occasionally. Another reason to plan a trip during this period is the world famous Durga Puja celebrations in bengal. The entire state lights up in fairy lights, tinsels and diyas. You can hear the sound of music and the vibe of festivities in the air.

In case, you are planning a trip only to the hills i.e. Darjeeling, Siliguri etc., April to June is considered the best time to visit when the weather is pleasantly cool. It also helps you beat the heat of the cities. However, if you are in for a little adventure and are ready to experience biting winters and snow cold climate, you can also choose to visit the hills during October- February. If you are lucky, you might find some of the areas at a higher elevation, covered in snow. However, it is highly unadvisable to visit during the monsoon season lasting between July to September as the area receives heavy rainfall and there are chances of landslides and other risks involved.

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