Best Time To Visit Central India

Best Time: Winter Season (October-March) Read More

Winter Season (October-March) is the best time to visit Central India

Central India observes a tropical climates with very hot summers, heave monsoon and cool winters. In the summer season, the mercury rises as high as 45 degrees celsius making the heat unbearable and the climate turns sultry hot. However, the bird sanctuaries and hill stations like Pachmarhi can still be visited where the temperature stays comparatively cool because of their elevation and greenery. The region receives a heavy rainfall and downpour during the monsoon season making the area extremely wet and humid. You should avoid visiting during the rainy season as it might get very inconvenient after a point. But, in case you want to be a witness to the lush green forests and the scintillating vantage points, you can plan a short trip.

The best time to visit central India is during the winter season that lasts between October and March. The weather is cool and pleasant and the mercury drops as low as 5 degrees celsius. The days are balmy and invigorating which makes for the perfect atmosphere to roam around the city and explore the various monuments, and other places of sightseeing.