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Arcot, Vellore Overview

Located at a distance of 26 km from Vellore, Arcot is a small town in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. Flanked by River Palar, the town boasts of a rich history. The city is known for being the ancient trade route between Madras and Salem or present day Chennai and Bangalore. Earlier known as Thiruvazhundur, Arcot was the headquarters of Nawab of Carnatic and was also ruled by the Cholas, Marathas, Pallavas, Nayaks and Bikapur Sultans. The highlight of the town however, is its sweet meat called ‘Makkan Peda’ which is popular worldwide. Among the most popular attraction of town are the Delhi Gate and Arcot Fort.

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History of Arcot

The earliest history of Arcot can be traced back to 1692 when Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb appointed Zulfikar Khan as the Nawab of the Carnatic. The city was ruled by 12 Nawabs till the city was pillaged and plundered and conquered by the Marathas in 1740. But soon after, it was occupied by the English in 1751. In 1801, the town was merged into British Presidency by the East India Company. The most popular monument in Arcot called the Arcot Fort was built by Nawab Daud Khan.

Places to Visit in Arcot

  1. Arcot Fort

    Arcot Fort is the most popular monument and the top tourist spot in Arcot. It was built by Nawab Daud Khan. The town was the first fortified city to be annexed and captured by the British. And the invasion of Tipu Sultan by the British led to its complete destruction. The architecture reflects the Mughal style. Just above the entrance gate is Robert Clive’s room. Most of the fortifications are in ruins now, however, some of it is still intact which is built in red sandstone. The fort also houses mausoleums of Saadatullah Khan I and Jama Masjid.
  2. Delhi Gate

    Delhi Gate is also a part of the Arcot Fort but it is also considered as a separate attraction. After its capture by the British, the room just atop the entrance gate was occupied by Robert Clive- Major General of British India. So when Delhi was begun to be captured by the British, this entrance gate below Clive’s room was renamed as Delhi Gate as a reminder of their victory. The gate has been built in the style of a Mughal arch.

Festivals in Arcot

The most popular festival in Arcot is Mayana Kollai which honours the local village deity called Angalamman. The event is celebrated with great pomp and show in the Tamil month of Maasi (Amavasya).

How to Reach

The nearest international airports are Bengaluru International Airport (258 km) and Chennai International Airport (100 km) and, the nearest domestic airport is Tirupati Airport (90 km). The nearest railway station to Arcot is Walaja Road which is at a distance of 7 km from Arcot. However, not a lot of trains stop at this station. Alternatively, there are regular buses that ply from Arcot to neighbouring cities of Hosur, Bangalore, Tirupathi, and Pondicherry etc.

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