Wat Leu Temple

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Timings : 8 AM to 6 PM

Time Required : 1 to 2 hours

Entry Fee : Free entry

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Wat Leu Temple, Sihanoukville Overview

Wat Leu is a hill temple located in the city of Sihanoukville in Cambodia. It is one of the five main temples in the town, known its location amidst a forest, elegant architecture and for the beautiful bird views of the faraway coast. It is a popular tourist attraction among the tourists visiting Sihanoukville to enjoy the views.

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Wat Leu Architecture & Significance

Wat Leu is popularly known as the Upper Wat due to its hilltop location. The temple has a gold-painted roof, surrounded by a high stone wall which is carved with sculptures depicting Buddhist mythological details. A well-decorated staircase leads to a huge statue of Buddha adorned with coloured stones. In the temple complex, the most notable feature is a three-headed elephant consisting of three statues of Buddha. On the way to the temple, there are several viewpoints offering great views of the city. On the way down from the temple is Lower Wat or Wat Kratom, which is worth a shortstop.

How To Reach Wat Leu Temple

Wat Leu is located about 6km from the downtown of Sihanoukville and takes about 20 minutes to reach. You can get there by renting a Tuk-Tuk for about 6 USD for a round trip that can be shared, or you can reach there by hiring a motorbike for about 8 USD per day.

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