Battistero di San Giovanni

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Timings : Summer: 10:30 AM - 7:00 PM,
Winter: 10:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Entry Fee : EUR 4

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Battistero di San Giovanni, Siena Overview

Battistero di San Giovanni or the Bapistery of Saint John in located in the Sienna Cathedral. It is located at the base of the apse of the cathedral. Over the course of centuries, it was enriched with various sculptures and paintings.

The baptismal font is extremely famous and it is considered a masterpiece of the Early Renaissance in Tuscany that was sweeping over areas like Siena and Florence before it spread to the rest of Europe. It is attributed to Jacopo della Quercia. The basin is of the baptismal font is hexagonal in shape. It is decorated with gilded broze panels. These panels bring to life scenes from the life of Saint John the Baptist. These panels were executed by renowned artists like Jacopo della Quercia, Turino di Sano, Giovanni dii Turino, Lorenzo Ghiberti, and Donatello, all of whom have been renedered immortal by their works. The statues of Faith and Hope that are displayed here are by Donatello, Statues by Giovanni di Turino and Goro di Neroccio also claim pride of place. The ciborium is decorated with four musical angels in bronze. These two were executed by Donnatello and Giovanni di Turino. Among the other important works in the Baptistery are the statues from the school of Giovanni Pisano, the triptych of the Madonna with Saints and stories from the lives of Saint Stephen by Andrea Vanni and Giovanni di Paolo, the frescoes by Vecchietta and the articles of faith.

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