Pabbar Valley

Pabbar Valley, Shoghi Overview

Pabbar Valley, the enchanting valley of the Pabbar River is located just 80 kilometres away from Shimla. Nature is seen thriving in abundance in this quaint little region of Himachal. The valley is located in the belt famous for the Pabbar River that cuts through the Chanshal Mountain Range, apple orchards, majestic mountains, lush green meadows, dense oak & deodar forests. The valley terrain also is quite an attraction for adventure seekers. The densely covered slopes of the mountains provide for exciting trails waiting to be explored by adventurers that flock every year. The valley, therefore, is not just perfect for sightseeing but is also an excellent spot for nature and adventure lovers.

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Pabbar River

River Pabbar, the river that formed the Pabbar Valley, has crystal clear waters that mainly come from the glacial ice of the Chandan Nahan Glacier located high in the snow-capped mountains that surround the picturesque valley. Its vast stretch begins in the southern region of Kinnaur and extends till the boundaries of Uttarakhand before it connects River Tons and further drains into the River Yamuna. Pabbar, therefore, is also called a tributary of River Tons. The river is also considered a famous spot for fishing and angling. It is home to several species of fish like Trouts, Goonch and Golden Mahseer.

Sightseeing in Pabbar Valley

Owing to its breath-taking surroundings, Pabbar Valley is a famous attraction for sightseeing, but activities like trekking, fishing and angling have also picked up in recent years to a great extent. The entire stretch of the valley covers Kufri, Fagu, Theog, Kotkhai, Khara Patthar, Jubbal, Hatkoti, Rohru, Chirgaon, Chanshal, Dodra Kwar and Mahasu which are well-known for mountain views, snow-clad mountain peaks, rich flora and fauna, temples with ancient sculptures, lakes, rivers etc. An outing through the valley by the banks of River Pabbar must not be missed. Wearing sturdy and comfortable shoes is much recommended for a long nature walk through the vast expanse of appealing meadows that surround the river.

Trekking in Pabbar Valley

  • The enchanting scenery and the terrain also attract adventure seekers to Pabbar Valley each year. The mountains and the valley house many a thrilling trail perfect to quench the thirst of the intrepid adventurer, especially those seeking new and unexplored landscapes.
  • Most of these treks begin at Rohru which is a charming little town near the valley. This trail goes through the lush green meadows, serene lakes, dense oak & deodar forests, climbing up with the local shepherds to an altitude of 4500 metres to reach Buran Ghati Pass to enjoy the fascinating view of the valley.
  • The trek from Kharagpur to Giri Ganga is also a delightful experience. It has a properly marked track through the lovely surroundings which make the trek a little convenient. This trail passes through Rohru and covers a distance of over 8 kilometres. Past the town of Rohru, the trail ascends taking trekkers through some farms, the forests and the meadows until they reach the Giri Ganga Temple.
  • Another famous trekking trail in the Pabbar Valley is the Chandernahan Lake from Janglik. The lake is located about 4000 metres above sea level and is known for being clear and spotless. It is covered with snow all through the year and draws several travellers for its natural beauty and religious significance. The waters of the lake are considered to be sacred. Nonetheless, hiking through the route to this lake is a breath-taking experience in itself on a path that goes through the dense vegetation of pine, rhododendron and oak trees.
  • The Dhaula – Rupin Pass trek to is an exciting trek to take in the valley. The route passes through dense forests, cliffs, quaint little hamlets, and also snowfields. This lovely trail takes trekkers along the banks of River Rupin and an enchanting waterfall as they climb an altitude of 4600 metres to reach Rupin Pass.
  • Then there is the trek from Gadsari Village to Saru Lake which is the shortest and not as well-known as the other treks but can offer a delightful experience as people hike through a vast stretch of mesmerising meadows. The route offers a beautiful view of the scenery with streams and lush greenery all around till trekkers reach the tranquil Saru Lake.

Fishing and Angling in Pabbar Valley

River Pabbar has a lovely ecosystem suitable for several fishes that are found in a decently large number. Freshwater fish like Trout, Golden Mahseer and Goonch are commonly found in the waters, making the river a hot-spot for fishing and angling. Several parts of the valley have been seeing anglers from the colonial era, but recently, Rohru has picked up its game as a famous fishing destination, especially for recreational purposes in the valley. The most sought after fishes by anglers visiting the region from all around the globe are the Trout and Mahseer. And when there are the panoramic view, the fresh air and the lovely ambience, fishing is bound to become a memorable experience. Pabbar Valley is undoubtedly an angler’s paradise.

Best time to Visit Pabbar Valley

Considering the topography of the region, Pabbar Valley is best when visited during the spring-summer season, i.e. between March and June. With the temperature ranging between a maximum of 24°C and a minimum of 18°C, the skies being clear and the air being pleasantly cold all through the day, it a beautiful time to venture out, go sightseeing or go trekking through the enchanting landscape. This time of the year is also an excellent time for fishing Trout and Mahseer as they are found in plenty in River Pabbar that flows through the valley.

How to reach Pabbar Valley

The picturesque valley of Pabbar is very well connected to Shimla by road. One can choose their preferred mode of transport to reach Shimla (by air, rail or road), but from Shimla, roads are the best way to reach the valley. Rohru, the town closest to the valley, is a convenient point to travel to from Shimla or any part of the state. The state transport buses (Himachal Pradesh Road Transport Corporation buses) are easily available to reach Rohru from any city in Himachal Pradesh. A bus ride from Shimla to Rohru would cost a mere Rs. 50/- one way. The closest railhead is the Kalka railhead which is located about 170 kilometres from Rohru. For those on a train journey wanting to get down at this railhead, taxis are available to take them to the town. A ride from there would cost somewhere around Rs. 2000 and goes through the scenic surroundings occupied with tall pine, oak and deodar trees and charming little settlements.

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