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Tickets : Entry Tickets: INR 20 (Indians), INR 100 (Non-Indians); Light and Sound Show Tickets: INR 200

Timings : Sightseeing: 6am - 5pm, open daily; Light and sound show: 6pm, Monday - Sunday

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Dhamek Stupa, Sarnath Overview

Revered for being the exact spot or Rishipattana where Lord Buddha revealed his first eightfold path sermon to disciples, Dhamek Stupa is the main stupa of Sarnath. King Ashoka had passed the orders to renovate the existing pe-Buddhism tumuli in the 3rd century BC which was completed 2,500 years ago. The cylindrical stupa is made entirely out of bricks with a formidable diameter of 28 metres.

Elaborate murals, wall carvings and a small museum after the entrance provide deep insights into the monument's details and Buddha’s teachings. Halfway across Dhamek Stupa, arched niches stand proudly though the statues of Buddha on them are rather dilapidated. The beautiful Dhamek Stupa attracts devotees and Buddhist pilgrims, as well as leisure visitors, picnickers and nature enthusiasts for its manicured gardens and benches dappled in shade by mature trees. Recently, PM Modi inaugurated a vivacious light and sound show at Dhamek Stupa, allowing the holy stupa to gain worldwide attention.

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Objective Information

Opened: 500 AD
Renovation: 249 BCE, Mauryan Empire
Religious affiliation: Buddhism
Height: 43 metres
Maintenance: Archaeological Survey of India

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