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San Pedro Rock, San Francisco Overview

San Pedro is a rocky formation and a small island as a starting point of San Pedro in Pacifica in the San Mateo County at the San Francisco Bay Area. It is one of the beautiful islands in Californian, rendering picturesque views of the sea, Pedro point headlands, and Daly city. It can be regarded as a rocky beach. San Pedro features astonishing geographical formations and a wonderful coastal cave.

You can gain access to this island only during low tides. You can reach here via a 1.2-mile entryway from Pacifica State Beach. Rest of the time, access is barred by private properties. Recently, a park named Pedro Point Headlands was constructed at the top point.

San Pedro is a habitat for a variety of birds' species. The high-points of this island are  nesting spots for several birds. This place is also bounteous habitation for marine life, as obvious in any other coastal area of California. You can see bay clams, starfishes, sea grass, and more. Sea lions also visit this island very often. However, it is dangerous to hike some parts of this island during high tides.

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