A fun, thrilling, adrenaline-inducing outdoor attraction for tourists visiting Rotorua, New Zealand, Zorb is a must-do for anyone and everyone. Regarded to be the world’s largest downhill ball rolling park along the slope of Mt. Rotorua, this Kiwi-owned and operated fun organization makes a good recreation for its customers, with every safety measurement taken care of along with making it fun and fulfilling.

It is also fascinating that Zorb is the only center in the entirety of New Zealand where you are offered this fun adventure. It has been iconic since its conception by two sports enthusiasts, Andrew and David Akers, in 1997 at this same spot in Rotorua. The center has four separate tracks for you to choose and roll down. So know your alley and choose that aligns with your idea of fun.


Tickets and Prices

Multi-ride combos:

NZD 85 - Two ride deal
NZD 105 - Two ride- Flexi combo (can choose any two tracks on the day itself)
NZD 125 - Three ride Flexi combo (choose any three tracks on the day itself)
NZD 140 - Four ride combo (ride all four tracks, Straight, Sidewinder, Big Air and MEGA)
NZD 160 - VIP MAXI combo (all four tracks and photos and an OGO t-shirt)


STRAIGHT- A 250 m tracks suitable for two to three people where you can race along with them, slide and roll down the long slope. There are dual tracks that give you a wider scope to make the race distinctive and competitive.

SIDEWINDER- A convoluted slope of 350 meters with several defined corners, and 6 massive ones to give you just the right amount of thrill. It is considered to be one of the most twisted tracks in the world. You can go single or you can choose to take two to three people with you to compound the fun.

BIG AIR- A 300 m track that has you holding tight as you fly down three massive drops, twist around the sharp corners and thrilling bends. It is a water ride that allows a maximum of 2 people at a time.

MEGA TRACK- It is justly considered to be the swiftest, longest and steepest slope meant for a ball to roll down with you inside it. You are perched up on top of the hill slope inside the ball and pushed over the edge. It is a water ride that allows a maximum of two people at a time.

WITHOUT WATER RIDE, DRYGO- In a double-layered OGO layered with water inside its folds, it is exclusively designed to simulate a water ride experienced and is available on the Straight Track and Sidewinder Track.

It is a suitable water ride for this section of people who want to grab the water experience without getting wet since you are protected inside the ball but still have the water inside the layered folds of it thus giving you the moisture and texture.

Ride Restrictions

  • All riders must be of at least five years of age or above.
  • The maximum weight can be 125kgs per person in one ride.
  • The combined weight of all riders in one ball cannot exceed 250 kilograms.
  • Persons with heart ailments, or recovering from one, or prone to heart conditions are not permitted.
  • Pregnant women are not permitted.
  • Persons with orthopedic and muscle impairments are not permitted. 
  • Persons who are not mentally stable are not allowed.
  • Persons with injuries, or recovering from injuries are not allowed.
  • Persons under alcohol or any kind of drug intoxication are not allowed.

How To Reach Zorb

  • Located at the 525 Ngongotaha road, Fairy Springs, Rotorua, Zorb is a 5-minute drive from the North of Rotorua City Centre.
  • It is situated next to Skyline Rotorua, Rainbow Springs and Mitai Maori Village.
  • The centre is open all seven days a week and is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm every day.
  • It is closed only on Christmas Day.

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