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Mountain Biking in Rotorua, Rotorua Overview

There is something about taking trips to new places that contradicts itself. People often seek an escape from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives, to find a spot that will take them away from the grinding reality for a while. At the same time, however, they look for a place to distract them from the humdrum of their monotonous routine, the same old machine-like activities that take the majority of their days up.

The hilly landscape of Rotorua makes it best suited for adventure activities like mountain biking. As you sit on the bike and rush past the lush trails, the fresh wind blowing in your face, you enter a world of fantasy, where you don’t have to work or take responsibilities; you have to keep your eyes on the destination and move forward.
Being an international hotspot for mountain biking, Rotorua is laced with numerous bike trails built by experts, ranging from the beginner level to the most challenging expert level.

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Mountain Biking Grades

Grade 1
This grade is the easiest of all, with flat, smooth tracks that are wide and may be covered with gravel.

Grade 2
This is a little more difficult than the Grade 1 level, having gentle climbs on fairly smooth tracks. There may be obstacles like potholes and rocks that can be easily overcome.

Grade 3
Falling under the intermediate level of mountain biking, these trails are relatively narrow, with steep slopes, less traction, and fairly more obstacles.

Grade 4
The Grade 4 or the Advanced level consists of steep climbs of great lengths, narrower tracks, and more obstacles. The traction is also relatively lesser.

Grade 5
The final grade, suited mainly for experts, is comprised of giant steep climbs, technically challenging tracks, with sharp corners and drop-offs. You may be required to carry your bike once in a while.

Rainbow Mountain

Lying at a distance of twenty-six kilometers to the southeastern side of Rotorua, the Rainbow Mountain Biking trail is perfect for the ones who are looking for a challenge. The steep climb through the spectacular geothermal setting is enough to get your adrenaline rushing!

The breathtaking, panoramic view from its summit makes the ride worth it, and as a cherry on the cake, you may also soak in the Kerosene Creek – a natural, hot water steam – afterwards.

How to Reach Rainbow Mountain:

You can go there by car, taking the State Highway 5.

Whakarewarewa, Redwood Forest

The Redwood Forest is one of the oldest mountain bike trails in New Zealand. Being home to splendid scenic beauty and lush greenery, this place is well-maintained, with draining volcanic soils, professionally crafted bike trails, and a varied topography, each of which contributes to making it a master class bike networking trail.

The tracks are well suited for both beginners and experts alike. In addition to it, family groups can also enjoy riding bikes together.

How to Reach Whakarewarewa:

The most convenient part of choosing Whakarewarewa for mountain biking is that it lies at a distance of only four kilometers from Rotorua. You can reach there by car if you travel via the State Highway 30A. Buses are also available from Amohia Street at Rotorua.

Skyline Gravity Park

The beautiful Skyline Gravity Park is home to six mountain biking trails, each of which is adeptly crafted, catering to the needs of bikers of all kinds of experience. Being the first mountain park to have bike lifts assisted by gondolas the whole year round, the Skyline Gravity Park is sure to give you an extraordinary experience. This lush park is also home to several other adventure activities for all ages.

How to reach Skyline Gravity Park:

It takes less than ten minutes from Rotorua to Skyline. You can take a bus either from Amohia Street or Arawa Street to Fairy Springs Road at Skyline.

Moerangi Track

Carrying you in the midst of nature, the ethereal Moerangi Track mainly specializes in biking trails for riders who are at an advanced level. The trails are rough at places and have a varied topography to make sure it is suited for the experienced bikers. This track is all about being one with nature, as you pass by gushing rivers and rush through forests.

How to Reach Moerangi Track:

The Moerangi Track lies at a distance of approximately one hundred and thirty-six kilometers from Rotorua and can be reached by taking the State Highway 30, followed by State Highway 32.


  • Make sure to ride only on the tracks that are suited to your level of experience.
  • Do not deviate from the designated mountain track. Always follow the route of the track arrows instead of trying to create new shortcuts.
  • Make sure to carry a map, water bottle, some light snacks, and a first-aid kit that contains things appropriate while mountain biking, with you.
  • Keep an eye out for the forestry vehicles, and make way for walkers.

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