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Swarna Bhandar, Rajgir Overview

Swarna Bhandar, translating to ┬ąthe treasure of gold', are two identical caverns cut out of monolithic rocks in the foothills of Vaibhar range. There is a legend about how the cave hides a secret door to a treasure trove of gold within the hills. There are seated and standing figures etched onto the walls of the rocks as well as inscriptions in the ancient text of Sanklipi, which say that the cave was used by Jain saint Muni Vairadevi and other ascetics as a refuge.

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Asif Uzzaman 1 year ago
How many languages can you read? If you can read the particular hymn written in an so-far-undeciphered script above gate of Swarn Bhandar, all its treasure is yours! so is the belief. Not a very picturesque place, but you can have your share of fun seeing people trying to pull out coins from the cracks in the wall, inserted by others previously.

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