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Tags : Fairs & Festivals

Date of festival: : June 23rd

Celebrated at: : All across the island, especially the beaches

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Noche de San Juan, Puerto Rico Overview

Noche de San Juan is the eve before the Feast of St. John the Baptist, a popular saint in the Roman Catholic faith. Despite its religious origins, the festival is now one of the most popular party events on the island, marking the arrival of the summer solstice.

On the midnight of the festival, people visit the beaches and flip backwards into the water between 3 and 12 times, hoping to get rid of all negative energy for the rest of the year. The festival is also marked by a number of beach parties, fuelled by the pleasant weather that June brings to the island.

Must Know Before You Visit Noche de San Juan

Fun things to do: : Flip backwards at least three into the water on the stroke of midnight, attend a party

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