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Tags : Fairs & Festivals

Date of festival: : Between March 25th and April 15th

Celebrated at: : All across the island, especially the beaches

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Good Friday and Easter, Puerto Rico Overview

Good Friday and Easter Sunday mark the culmination of the Holy Week festivities, an important week for Roman Catholics. The festival also marks the beginning of the beach season for the locals and is considered to be the biggest holiday on the island.

On Good Friday, churchgoers mark the death of Jesus Christ. The services include re-enactments of the events leading to his death, making the ceremony all the more solemn. After attending the services, people visit the beaches, where various water sports and adventure sports seasons kick off. This includes surfboarding and kayaking. Families have cookouts and enjoy the pleasant weather as well.

This continues until Easter Sunday, during which people go to church again to mark the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead. The services are more joyous, with music and dance filling the air. After this, people return to the beaches to enjoy traditional meals and more water based activities to celebrate the holiday. This makes it a great festival for tourists and locals to interact and socialize on the beaches of Puerto Rico.

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