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Angammedilla National Park , Polonnaruwa Overview

About half an hour away from the historical city of Polonnaruwa, bordered by the Angammedilla Canal in the south, lies Angammedilla National Park. A relatively more recent addition to Sri Lanka’s long list of protected areas, Angammedilla National Park is a habitat for a wide variety of flora and fauna. The park was initially designated to protect the catchment areas of the Parakrama Samudra, a shallow reservoir in Polonnaruwa, and the Minneriya and Girithale irrigation tanks.

Home to several Sri Lankan elephants, Angammedilla National Park, is a part of the country’s famous elephant corridor along with Minneriya, Kaudulla and Wasgamuwa National Parks. The wildlife at Angammedilla also includes wild boars, barking deer, purple-faced leaf monkey and water buffaloes. The serene atmosphere makes the park a joy for camping; visitors can also stay at a spacious bungalow administered by the Department of Wildlife Conservation that can accommodate ten people. A unique attraction at the park is the Angammedilla Gal Amuna, a stone weir built during the reign of King Parakramabahu I in the 12th century.

All in all, a visit to Angammedilla National Park is undoubtedly a must for a taste of Sri Lanka’s national parks that are off the beaten track.

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Angammedilla National Park

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Things to Do in Angammedilla National Park

Being one of the newest National Parks in Sri Lanka, the Angammedilla National Park offers one of the best wildlife safari rides. Tourists can see each of the rich and diverse species that are a part of this park. The essential element that excites the people of all ages is to look at the giant elephants roaming in the park. Once inside the park, you have an option to explore on foot or hire a vehicle. The park has gorgeous scenery, and one can take amazing photographs to capture the memory. The park has comfortable and modified jeeps that will tour the entire area. You will see not only the exotic animals but also the ancient remains and relics of the irrigation system used in the Angammedilla region. Lucky tourists can get a chance to see the Sri Lankan Leopard or the jungle-fowl. There are different kinds of safaris available, like Elephant safari, Photography Safari, and many more. Tourists can choose the safari that best fits their interest.

Flora and Fauna in Angammedilla National Park

The park is full of dry evergreen forests. Other plant species that the sanctuary is known for are Palu, Burutha, Milla and Kolon. These are traditional Sri Lankan plants. Mesua ferrea trees are grown in communities. The park is also home to many endemic birds, butterflies and insects.  Sri Lankan elephant, Sri Lankan sambar deer, Indian muntjac, Sri Lankan axis deer, water buffalo, wild boar, and peafowl are common within the park. However, Sri Lanka leopard, sloth, bear, grizzled giant squirrel and Sri Lanka junglefowl are also visible sometimes. Some rare species that can be found here are the slender red loris, tufted grey langur, and purple-faced langur.

Wildlife Safari in Angammedilla National Park

Spot the numerous elephants and other fauna on a half-day safari by jeep within the confines of the national park accompanied by a local guide. The park also has beautiful trails for an informative yet fun-filled trekking experience with experienced naturalists.

Best Time To Visit Angammedilla National Park

The best time to visit Angammedilla National Park is during the dry season, usually in May to September. One can sight plenty of fauna as they linger around the watering-holes in this season.
The off-season at Angammedilla is in the wetter months of November and December; at this time, the area receives the northeast monsoon, making wildlife sightings rather rare.

History of Angammedilla National Park

Angammedilla was initially designated as a forest reserve on February 12th, 1988. It was later upgraded to the status of a national park on June 6th, 2006.

Tips while Visiting Angammedilla National Park

Tourists should wear suitable casual clothing for windy, rainy and warm weather conditions. Check the weather forecast before visiting. Insect repellent and sun-protection creams are recommended items to carry. Cameras and video recorders can be taken for this wildlife safari.

How To Reach Angammedilla National Park

It is 225 kilometres away from Colombo in Polonnaruwa District. One can reach the district by bus or by taxi. Once in the Polonnaruwa District, one can get to the park by cab or by a privately hired vehicle.

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