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Paliakara Church is an ancient structure that holds a reflection of the rich culture of our past. Situated in Trivuvalla, this church is one of the important religious centers for Syrian Christians with its roots going back to 54 AD to the arrival of St.

Thomas. Known for its incredible architecture, the outer wall of the building is adorned with the carved latticework and engravings of various saints. A pure epitome of craftsmanship, the church's other major attraction is the ancient paintings on the eastern wall made with the help of natural vegetable dyes. They depict the main events of the life of Jesus Christ. One can also see the painting of patron saint of the church St. George as well as a painting showcasing the twelve apostles of Christ. The most fascinating thing about this structure is that one can witness an amazing blend of Hindu elements in many aspects of church. Tiny sculptures of elephants and tigers can be seen on wooden beams supporting the roof. A feast is organized for 10 days from mid-April to mid-May every year. The church is opened from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM every day and for everyone.

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