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Diamond Mines, Panna Overview

Asia's biggest and only active diamond mine is situated in Madhya Pradesh due to this it is also known as treasure land. A tour to Panna diamond mine will answer all the mystery about diamond farming. Majhagaon diamond mine is laid down over an area of 50 km belt, starting from the Paharikhera North-East to Majhgawan South-West with breadth of around 30 kms.

Asia's only active Diamond mine is situated in Majhagaon about 55km away from Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh. It is located in the interior of the Panna district. The mine is spread over an area of 80km belt, starting from the Paharikhera North-East to Majhgawan South-West with breadth of around 30 kms. The mines are under the supervision of Diamond Mining Project of National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC Ltd) of Government of India. Tour to diamond mine is a sparkling experience. Exploration to the diamond mine will answer the individual about the qualities of diamond and how do they get their structure.

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How do they obtain

The Majhagaon, Panna diamond mines are laid down over an area of about 80km area, starting from the Paharikhera North-East to Majhgawan South-West with breadth of around 30 kms. The awesum experience of the tour will be to watch the extraction of diamond . Diamonds occur in the pipe of the olivine lamproite, the same process is done in Australia . The world,s diamond is picked up in a very simple way - First of all the ores are crushed, screened and jiggled. In the next step, concentrated part obtained in first step is spread on large area . Finally , Diamnd is picked out from that concentrated material.

facts about mine .

The legends believed that this town i.e Panna was once the resting place of Pandavas. It is also the area where princes used to hunt . Diamond found in the Panna region has the grade between 13 caret per thousand hectare to 6 caret per thousand hectare. The process followed for extracting the diamond is same as the process used in Australia . It has been observed that no large rocks are found only small stones were found earlier also . The diamond mines in Panna is the largest diamond producing mines in the India's . The productivity ground of mines is spread over 80km belt .

places to see around dimond mines .

Panna National Park is the famous park located about 57 km from Khajuraho. The national park is well known for its diverse animals. Some avian species are also found. Boating in the park will make you explore the aquatic species. Near the Panna National Park is Pandava Waterfall about 12km away from Panna. The waterfall is about 100 ft high and the region around waterfall is full of green lush vegetarian . A belief run from ages that the God Padmavati resides in a temple known as Badi Devi temple . The temple is situated in the town and its roots were put over an ages before. Another city Nachne is situated at a distance of about 40 km from Panna . The city is famous for its four faced humongous lingam.

How To Reach Diamond Mines

The place is well connected from all the three transport facilities . By road- Panna is connected to all the big cities. From Madla (24 kms) busses run on daily basis to Khajuraho. By air- Khajuraho is the nearest airport .By rail- Nearest railway station is Satna and Khajuraho directly linked to the major cities .

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