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Morni Hills, Panchkula Overview

Morni Hills is a hill station situated on the outskirts of Panchkula in Haryana close to Chandigarh. Being the only hill stations in Haryana, it is also a popular picnic destination for locals and tourists alike. The hills are 1,220 metres in height and have some really stunning views to offer. In addition to being a grand vista point, Morni Hills is also an important archaeological site where carvings dating back to 7th Century have been found in the Thakur Dwar Temple. It is also a great place to engage in trekking and birdwatching. Popular birds sighted here include Wallcreeper, Crested Kingfisher, Bar-tailed Treecreeper, Blue Peafowl, Kalij Pheasant, Red Junglefowl, Grey Francolin, Quails, Himalayan Bulbul and Oriental Turtle Dove.

Situated at a mere distance of 45 kilometres from Chandigarh, the entire route from the city to these quaint hills makes for a beautiful journey. Forests and mighty pine trees line the way up to the foothills of the Shivaliks before you finally alight at Morni Hills. There are two lakes here as well which are interconnected despite the existence of a hillock in between, such that the water level in both of them remains the same. The lake is believed to be auspicious by the locals and is a focal point during many celebrations. The remains of the Morni fort are present quite close to the hills as well. In addition to the landscape, a wide variety of flora and fauna is also present here, which makes it a delight for every nature lover. A hidden haven of nature, Morni Hills is a must-visit for anyone looking for a quick weekend getaway from Chandigarh.

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Wildlife at Morni Hills

It has a great coverage of flora and a lot of wild animals can also be seen here. The animals that make this their home include jackals, langurs, hare, hyenas, neelgai, wild boars, barking deer, sambar and even leopards. Trees like neem, oak, pipal, jamun, amaltas and jacaranda cover the slopes, while a number of birds make an appearance here as well. Wallcreeper, Crested Kingfisher, Bar-tailed Treecreeper, Blue Peafowl, Kalij Pheasant, Red Junglefowl, Grey Francolin, Quails, Himalayan Bulbul, Oriental Turtle Dove, quails, sand grouse and common doves are some of the more frequently sighted birds here.

Hotels at Morni Hills

Mountain Quail Tourist Resort, maintained by the Haryana Tourism, is a great place to stopover for your weekly sojourn. Other than that, you can also stay at Hotel Dreamway, Royal Huts Resort, Morni Resorts, Morni Heights Resort, Redwood Resorts and Hotel North Park. All of these places offer a decent and comfortable stay and are well-equipped to fulfil all your needs

Activities in Morni Hills

In addition to being a natural retreat, Morni Hils also has a number of activities to offer its visitors. The lake has boating facility which will take you to a tranquil excursion across the hills, and you can also go for leisurely nature walks in the forests nearby. Beckon the adrenaline junkie in you and trek your way to the lake or up to the old Morni fort here, and if you're feeling more adventurous you can also try hiking up to the Ghaggar river that flows close to the Morni Hills.

An Adventure Park is also developed nearby which provide activity options like rope climbing, commando nets, Burma bridge, rappelling, and rock-climbing. You can also find a tree house there with fountains and a cafeteria. Other than these, a number of swings and rides are available for children as well. The park's entry fee is INR 50 for adults and INR 30 for children under 10 years of age.

Tips For Visiting Morni Hills

1. The temperature here is only 4 degree Celsius lesser than Chandigarh, so make sure you visit during the less hot months
2. There are no markets nearby, so make sure you carry your essentials with you
3. There are no petrol pumps on the way, therefore, make sure you travel up here with a full tank

How To Reach Morni Hills

Morni Hills is situated at about 45 kilometres from Chandigarh city. The best way to reach Morni Hills is by road which takes around an hour. You can hire a taxi or take your own car to visit the place. Alternatively, you can hop on a bus from Chandigarh Railway Station. You can also cover Panchkula which falls on the way between Chandigarh and Morni Hills.

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