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Desert Camel and Adventure Tours, Nizwa Overview

Some of the world’s most magnificent mountains and mesmerizing deserts reside in the Middle East like Al Rub’ Al Khali (or the Empty Quarter) in the South and Al Wahiba Sands in the east. From desert adventure in a 4x4 to desert camping and camel safari, Oman offers some of the best desert tours and activities in the world.

These tours take you through the heart of the scenic capital, Muscat to the beautiful and thrilling rugged Hajar Mountains and the Wahiba Sands. Explore the vast abandoned lands of the Rub Al Khali (known as Empty Quarter) and the picturesque city of Salalah in the South where the tour ends. These tours are completely unique as you would be able to explore unknown places, visit heritage sites as well as spend time under the night sky (under the stars) in a mesmerising desert.  

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Tours and Attractions

1. Oman Desert Adventure

Wild Frontiers organize this tour, and it lasts for 11 days. Other than exploring heritage sites, deserts and cities, this tour also promises a host of adventures, fitness, cultural discoveries and comfort. This tour will take you through the Al Hajar Mountains of northern Oman, the Al Wahiba Sands which are located in the Al Sharqiya region in eastern Oman. It also takes you to heritage forts of Nizwa and Jabrin (in Al Dakhliya) and the Al Rub’ Al Khali Desert in southern Oman (also known as the biggest sand sea in the world).

Basic amenities include
  • Three meals a day in local restaurants 
  • A 4x4 as well as a minibus for transportation
  • Hotel accommodations in deserts, beach villas and beach camps 
  • 1,240 Omani Rial for a maximum group of 12 persons
  • 247 Omani Rial would be made as an initial deposit
  • Further addition of group members would cost 140 Omani Rial per person

2. Camel Safari Tour

A typical camel safari tour lasts for a few hours or even a whole day. The tour offers exclusive access to hidden wadis, oasis, Bedouin villages and dunes in the Al Wahiba Sands. Tourists can explore and experience the Bedouin culture, their traditional foods and even live with them. Other than the food and culture, tourists will get to rest in Bedouin camps, enjoy delicious dates and traditional Omani Qahwa (coffee).

Basic amenities include
  • Tourists could spend two nights with a Bedouin family under the night sky
  • Explore the glorious deserts in eastern Oman with Bedouin guides
  • Enjoy the bumpy and thrilling camel rides along with the crystal waters of the Sea of Oman
  • The camel safari tour is of four types. These are
  • Camel Safari & Overnight Stay with Bedouins Family
  • Short Camel Safari Tour of 1-Hour
  • Camel Ride with Overnight Stay in a Private Desert House
  • Camel Grand Tour-Crossing Wahiba Sands in 7 Days

1. Camel Safari and Overnight Stay with Bedouins Family
  • Starts from 220 Omani Rial per person (a group of 2 people)
  • Starts from 380 Omani Rial per person (a group of 1 person)
2. Short Camel Safari 1 Hour to Full Day
  • An hour costs about 15 Omani Rial per camel
  • 2 Hours costs about 30 Omani Rial per camel
  • 3 Hours cost about 45 Omani Rial per camel
  • 4 Hours costs about 60 Omani Rial
3. Camel Ride with Overnight Stay in a Private Desert House
  • Group of 1 Person costs 90 Omani Rial for a Single Room
  • Group of 2 Person costs 75 Omani Rial per person for a Double Room

3. Safari Desert Camp

This tour mainly focuses on the Bedouin lifestyle. Enjoy Bedouin dinner, Omani Qahwa and delicious dates with Bedouins around a camping fire. Enjoy the beautiful night sky in the middle of the desert and even sleep under the night sky. Other inclusions to this tour include a 4x4 thrilling ride or a camel ride (as per choice) on the sand dunes.


·This tour costs about 54 Omani Rial per person

4. Camping in Al Rub’ Al Khali

Explore the largest desert sea in the world where visitors enjoy a night under the jaw-dropping night sky of this amazing desert. Visit famous attractions around the desert which include the Lost City of Ubar, the golden dunes and the gorgeous frankincense trees of Wadi Dawkah (which is a UNESCO world heritage site).

  • Group of 1 Person costs 250 Omani Rial per person
  • Group of 2 Person costs 140 Omani Rial per person

5. Two Nights Under South Oman Stars

If you have a craving for night-camps at lonely places, then you are surely gonna enjoy this tour. This 3-day thrilling and adventurous tour takes you through the abandoned lands of the Al Rub’ Al Khali desert where you can explore and stargaze. Also, discover heritage attractions such as the Al Qamar mountains of Dhofar and the Alfazayeh Beach (where you can even enjoy and refresh yourself with a swim)

  • Group of 1 Person costs 400 Omani Rial per person
  • Group of 2 Person costs 225 Omani Rial per person

6. Oman Family Adventure

This adventure tour is run by Audley Travel and it lasts for 10 days and 9 nights and it mostly covers the northern part of Oman. Starting in the scenic capital, Muscat, which is then followed by a visit to Nizwa which then continues to the Al Wahiba Sands and finally ends in Ras Al Jinz.

Tour Highlights:
  • Explore the beautiful city of Muscat and enjoy its beautiful attractions for 2 days. Also, the tour ends in Muscat with a thrilling coastal adventure.
  • Relive the unique culture and history of Oman while you pay a visit to Nizwa 
  • See the green turtles on their journey to lay eggs and return to the sea before sunrise at Ras Al Jinz
  • 1350 Omani Rial  for your family and the tour lasts for 10 days and 9 nights per camel
  • Full-Day costs about 75 Omani Rial per camel
  • Sun Set Camel Ride for 1 Hour costs about 20 Omani Rial per camel

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