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Radha Kund, Mathura Overview

Situated near Govardhan Hill in the small town in Mathura is one of the holiest places in Braja - the Radha Kund and Shyam Kund. The two holy water tanks lying next to each other are considered to be the supreme of all holy places, containing pure and sacred water, also known to contain magical properties to heal for conception.

The origin of Radha Kund Town dates back to the days of Radha and Krishna and stands as an epitome of their love and happily spent times. The tourists visiting Radha Kund are mostly pilgrims visiting to pay homage to their sacred love for Lord Krishna and his consort Radha and also to take a dip in the pond at the midnight, as per the customs. One can also spot many foreigners taking a dip in the Radha Kund.

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Legend of Radha Kund

The significance of Radha Kund is because of the legendary history of the small town. Legends have it that Lord Krishna killed the bull demon in Radha Kund and Radha, his consort told him to wash off his sin by taking a dip in the various holy rivers. He laughed it off and struck his feet on the ground where the rivers emerged and formed up a kunda or pond. Krishna, in order to please Radha bathed in the waters. The Kund was named as the Krishna Kund.

Afterwards, Radha and her girl attendants also dug up a kind with their kangans or bangle and their dug up ponds were filled by the Holy waters from Krishna Kund, since getting the pond filled up from Manasi Ganga would be difficult since it was far off. The kund was henceforth known as the Radha Kund. Krishna took a bath in this kund as well and announced that anyone who took bath in Radha kund would attain the seed of intense love, similar to what Radharani had for him. Radha also took bath in Krishna Kund and announced that those who took bath there would attain the love of Krishna, just like he had for her.

Attractions at Radha Kund

Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple - Located in Radha Kund is the large temple of Krishna Janmabhoomi constructed in the place where Krishna was born in a jail. The temple is spread out in a big area and is considered to be an important pilgrimage site. The temple remains crowded massively in Janmashtami, the birthday of Lord Krishna.

Radha Damodar Temple - Located in Vrindavan close to Mathura in Radha Kund is the Radha Damodar Temple, dating back to the 16th century. The temple is known for the Charanpaduka or the feet of Lord Krishna. It is situated near the Yamuna Ghat and is a fragment of the famous Govardhan Hill.

Dwarkadhish Temple - Located in Radha Kund on the banks of River Yamuna is the oldest and most popular temple of Lord Krishna for devotees, the Dwarkadhish Temple. This is the place where Lord Krishna settled after when he came from Dwarka. Many pilgrims frequent the temple all year round. During Janmashtami, the temple is extremely crowded. The main deity of the temple is Dwarkadhish that is the King of Dwarka, a form of Lord Krishna seen in a black marble idol named Dwarkanath.

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