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Manali Winter Carnival 2023 : 2nd January 2023 to 6th January 2023

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Manali Winter Carnival, Manali Overview

The Manali Winter Carnival is Himachal Pradesh's way of welcoming the new year. It started in 1977 and had become an annual feature since then. Held in January, the Winter Carnival in Manali opens an opportunity to witness the beauty of slushy snow and enjoy the events and celebrations that it puts forth. Initially, it only comprised of the Skiing competition, but now it has come to include band performances, food festivals, street plays, folk dances, adventure sports and much more.

Manali Winter Carnival - Venue 

Manali Winter Carnival is celebrated in the Manali town of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Adding to the beauty of the hill station, which already makes the venue a major tourist destination in India, Manali Winter Carnival attracts even foreign tourists to the venue.

Events & Celebrations at the Manali Carnival

Several sports events and cultural programme constitute the celebration of the Manali Winter Carnival. The festival is organised according to a schedule prepared for each programme to be held henceforth. 
The many events that the Manali Winter Carnival is comprised of is as follows

The Manali Carnival Parade

The Parade
The Parade
The inauguration of the Manali Winter Carnival takes place with a Carnival parade. The parade includes participating boys and girls dressed up in traditional attires. It is an event which, apart from marking the beginning of the Carnival, engrosses the visitors, leaving them craving for more. The parade takes place at the Mall Road at Manali.

The Carnival Parade is a celebration in itself because the participating teams compete with one another, and are adjudged. It marks a beautiful beginning of the Winter Carnival, incorporating both the traditional outlook and competitive spirit. 

Voice of Winter

There is a live concert cum competition of voices. Singers participate in this contest, which is organised as a part of Manali Winter Carnival. The contestants mesmerise the audience while competing for the title of Voice of Winter.

Winter Queen Competition

Among the many competitions held during the Manali Winter Carnival, the Winter Queen Competition is an event which attracts many contestants as well as spectators. It is a beauty contest, which judges the contestants on their overall personality. Only unmarried women are allowed to participate, and the winner is deemed the most beautiful as well talented of the Manali Winter Carnival.

Bollywood Dance

The Bollywood Dance contest hauls forth, with its charm, contestants from all over India. The participants perform various dance forms prevalent in Bollywood, making the show a major spectacle.

Street Plays

Horan Dance in Manali
Horan Dance in Manali
Street Plays are to be found in almost all communities dwelling in the lap of the Himalayas. Be it Ladakh or Himachal Pradesh; the people have been maintaining the tradition of street plays with traditional attires and masks. This cultural symbol is incorporated in the Manali Winter Carnival in the form of a competition, as well as an entertaining event for the visitors.

Diverse Classical Dances

A dance event which is formed with the idea of representation of diverse cultures, the event brings forth and presents numerous dance forms from across the country. The message of the event is to build unity in diversity, which resides in the core of Indian national ideology.

Manali Got Talent

Tug of war in Manali Winter Carnival
Tug of war in Manali Winter Carnival
It is a talent show where people can showcase a piece from whichever field they are talented in. The Manali Got Talent is designed on the lines of various Got Talent shows being held around the globe. It has no specific theme, and people from all over India participate and try to prove themselves.

Fashion Show

An ideal fashion show is also a part of the carnival, where each participating team is given seven to ten minutes to prove themselves. The minimum number of participants in a team is eight, with no maximum number. However, each group is allowed only one entry.

Folk Dance Competition

Folk Dance in Manali Winter Carnival
Folk Dance in Manali Winter Carnival
A competition of folk dance forms the major part of the Carnival. Folk dancers participate in teams and compete with one another, providing a wonderful event to behold for the visitors. It presents the traditional music and dance forms of the region to the audience, doing an excellent service of giving a new life to the traditional art-forms.

Thus, Manali Winter Carnival brings to you an event full of creativity and joy. Anyone can participate in the events that take place as its parts, the participation details for which is available on the official website of Manali Winter Carnival.

History of Manali Winter Carnival

Roadside Market at Manali Winter Carnival
Roadside Market at Manali Winter Carnival
The annual festival of Manali Winter Carnival was the brainchild of Shri Harnam Singh and came into being in the year 1977. The former Chief Minister of the state of Himachal Pradesh, Dr Y. S. Parmar inaugurated the festival, the primary focus of the celebration in the initial years was on Skiing. Skiing, being a snow sport and native to the place, naturally appealed to the people of the state. The sport, with each passing year, began gathering much popularity, and people from farther distances started to pour in for the Manali Winter Carnival.

Although the prime focus was on skiing, cultural events representing the people of Kullu and Manali came to be organised. The Manu Rang Shala were the organisers of the cultural programmes which included folk music, dance, and food. The annual festivities of cultural events of Manali Winter Carnival came to an end in the year 1984. Although the cultural events stopped, skiing and other competitions which formed the major part earlier too, continued to take place.

Huge Gathering at the Manali Winter Carnival
Huge Gathering at the Manali Winter Carnival
In 1985, Manu Kala Kendra acquired the organising responsibility of organising the Carnival. Trios Mumbai also came into the scene, and the two groups joined hands to host the celebrations on the earlier lines. The cultural festivals were resurrected with a new life in the year 2008, and once again they came to be organised with enthusiasm, along with Skiing and other competitions. Today, it has the honour of being a national festival.

The Manali Winter Carnival is a festival not to be missed for someone planning to visit Manali around the time. It caters a representation of the rich Himachali culture. Apart from sports, the Carnival offers food festivals, folk dances, musical concerts, street plays, and much more. 

How to Reach Manali

The nearest railway station is the Joginder Nagar Railway Station, which is about 160 kilometres away from Manali. However, the nearest airport is the Kullu-Manali Airport, located in Bhuntar, which is at an approximate distance of 50 kilometres from Manali town.

The Manali Winter Carnival is as exciting an event for the people who visit it to see and enjoy as it is for the performers and participants. The Carnival fills the land with life, making people lose themselves in the numerous events and activities that constitute the celebration. Performers from across the country competing with one another bring varieties of performances to the audience, doing justice to the tag of National Festival that it has achieved. The Manali Winter Carnival is one of its kind festivals, and people of varying fields of interests appear for it with similar expectations, never to be returned unsatisfied.

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