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Timings : Sundays 2:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Time Required : 1 - 2 hrs

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Discs & Machines - Sunny's Gramophone Museum, Kottayam Overview

Located at an hour’s drive from Kottayam, Sunny’s Gramophone Museum also known as Discs & Machines, is a unique private venture which is one of its kind in the country. Opened to public on the 25th of January, 2015, the two floored depository is a storehouse of over 1 lac rare records and about 260 gramophones, phonographs and record players. Established as a result of passion and avidity of Mr. Sunny Mathew - a retired officer of Kerala Forest Department, the private enterprise is a treasure trove of vintage cars, vinyl records, gramophones, valve radios, tape recorders, olden day telephones, sewing machines etc. of the bygone era in the last 3 decades.

The building was constructed with the objective to preserve the rich antique objects and make them available for the future generations to see and study from. The museum houses rare gramophone records from the period as old as 1900s and 1940s; the earliest in his collection dates to 1897. Most of the instruments still function perfectly and Mr. Sunny personally takes care of them all. On request, he even plays them for you and can even give you a brief context of the instrument. The verve, enthusiasm and knowledge of the gentleman is beyond par. Besides exploring the artistic and heritage excellence of this place, it is also an ideal spot to research and learn about 20th century music.

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Architecture of Sunny's Gramophone Museum

Mr. Sunny has dedicated two storeys to display the vintage exhibits. Metal racks cover the length of the rooms from the roof to the floor stacked with records, vinyls and antiques, neatly segregated into categories and arranged. Deft flex boards occupy space next to the products, hung on the racks with a detailed description and use of each of them, personally designed by the founder himself. Photographs of musicians, scientists, inventors etc adorn the depository who have had any part in the history of any instrument. The logo of record HMV which is a famous Francis Barraud’s painting of Nipper the dog listening to a record, also has a place here. On the second floor are stored gramophones, household implements, cameras and sewing machines etc.

Tips For Visiting Discs & Machines Sunny's Gramophone Museum

1. There is no entry fee. However, a small donation is acceptable. We recommend you to make a small donation as per your wish as a mark of respect and admiration for this wonderful venture.
2. The museum is open open on Sunday between 2:00 PM to 9:00 PM. But you can make an appointment for any other through a phone call to Mr. Sunny +91 8137020285.

How To Reach Discs & Machines - Sunny's Gramophone Museum

The museum is located in Plassanal and can be reached in hired taxis or autos. Alternatively, you can also drive down to the place.

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Discs & Machines - Sunny's Gramophone Museum Reviews

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Sunny Mathew

on Discs & Machines - Sunny's Gramophone Museum 3 years ago
Opening day of the museum is changed from Sunday to Tuesday. Time is not changed, ie, 2.00 P.M. to 7.00P.M. Visit the Museum on other days by getting appointment through Emali ([email protected] (Read More)com) or by phone..+91 81370 20185 or +91 93874 73424. Thanks, Sunny Mathew Kunnelpurayidom, Owner, Discs & Machines gramophone Museum

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