Sai Kaew Beach

Sai Kaew Beach, Koh Samet Overview

Also known as Haad Sai Kaew, Sai Kaew Beach is located towards northern Phuket Island. It is one of the very developed beaches and hence subject to mass tourism. One will find umpteen restaurants along with with a lively nightlife scene, loud music, and a good crowd as well. Besides these, Sai Kaew Beach is also famous for plenty of water sports like water skiing, jet-skiing, banana boating, canoeing, wakeboarding, and scuba diving.

Sai Kaew is popularly known to be a favourite destination for families and fun-loving travellers. The blue tone of water, sandy stretch of the beach, breezy atmosphere, and the seafood lunch will carve a lifelong experience for the visitors. Also, the local people are friendly enough to welcome and introduce you to the new experience at the beach.

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Things to Do at Sai Kaew Beach

Sai Kaew Beach
Sun Lounger
You could enjoy a day on the sun lounger to improve your tan for THB 40.

Water Sports
Besides this, the other options are to choose among various water activities like jet skiing, water skis, parasailing, wakeboarding, sea canoes, and diving. Sai Kaew also provides the opportunity for fishing and snorkelling where you will find several speed boat drivers interested in taking you to the nearby islands.

The cost of these activities are as follows:
Banana Boat: THB 1400 for an hour
Parasailing: THB 1200 for ten minutes
Jetski: THB 1200 for half an hour 
Snorkelling, Swimming, and Sunbathing: THB 600 per person for a day

For a Soothing Evening
This beach is also perfect for an evening walk with family and friends. Apart from pubs and restaurants, fire shows and concerts of live music take place in and around the beach.

Also, the main shopping areas are located in Sai Kaew, where you can find everything from dresses to jewellery to swimwear, bath toys, etc. You can also get yourself inked and immortalise your stay in this place.

How To Reach Sai Kaew Beach

After reaching Koh Samet island, you will need to go Ban Phe. Getting to Ban Phe from Bangkok’s Ekkamai Terminal is easy as buses run every 1.5 hours. It is a journey of three to five hours and can cost around THB 155. From here, you can take a ferry ride to Sai Kaew Beach. Know that there are ferries every hour, which can take you to the beach.

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