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Vijayaraghava Perumal Temple, Kanchipuram Overview

Vijayaraghava Perumal Temple is a place of worship dedicated to Lord Vijayaraghava Perumal located in the town of Kanchipuram. This glorious temple is the 57th of the 108 Divya Desams dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It was built in the 13th century during the reign of the Pandya rulers.

Certain inscriptions on the temple walls denote the era it was constructed. The temple architecture is similar to the traditional temples found in Kanchipuram. The Vijayaraghava Perumal Temple complex has two different shrines for the main deity, Vijayaraghava Perumal, and for Margathavalli Thayar. The idol of Vijayaraghava Perumal is seen standing in between Sridevi and Bhudevi facing east. One can see Jatayu resting on his thigh. Tourists also flock to the temple to see the unique Kuthirai Vahanam which spins on its axis.

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Legend of Vijayaraghava Perumal Temple

According to a legend, when Ravana was abducting Sita, the King of Birds, Jatayu fought with Ravana to free Sita but couldn't succeed. Rama and Lakshmana, who were looking for Sita, reached the place where Jatayu was lying injured from the fight. He told them what had happened and prayed to be blessed by his magnificent form, Viswaroopam.

Upon granting his wish, Rama performed his last rites. It is believed that the pyre heat was so unbearable that Sridevi moved to the left while Bhudevi moved to the right of the pyre. Then Rama shot an arrow into the earth giving rise to a spring which we call the Jatayu Teertham.

A majority of the devotees that visit the revered shrine are women who wish to bear a child. According to a belief, roasted lentils are soaked in water, bundled in a piece of cloth and tied to the woman's lap during Amavasya. If the lentils sprout, the woman is believed to be bearing a child soon in the future. 

How To Reach Vijayaraghava Perumal Temple

Vijayaraghava Perumal Temple is easily accessible by road in Kanchipuram. Tourists can take a bus ride or rent cabs or taxis to reach the temple complex. Those opting for self-driven vehicles can reach the temple via Gandhi road - Vellore road or Salai Street.

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