Bagini Glacier Trek

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Tags : Trekking & Hiking

Timings : May-June, September-October

Time Required : 8 days

Entry Fee : 11000

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Bagini Glacier Trek, Joshimath Overview

Ascending in between in the thick rows of rare species of alpine flowers, the serene atmosphere of the trail, the unpolluted fresh and crisp air and crystal clear water of the rivers, is everything a trekker usually dreams of and desires in his trail.

Bagini Glacier trek is situated in the Garhwal Himalayas. Located at the altitude of 14816 feet from sea level, it provides the glorious views of lovely snow capped Dunagiri peak, Changa Banga peak and Kalanka peak.

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Food Availability

Dhaba food is available up along the way. You can pack essential food for the rest of the climb.


Guest houses are available at all destinations. Camping can also be adopted by trekkers on the trek because of the natural beauty that it boasts of.

Water Availability

Water is available in the guest houses along the way. It is advisable to stock up in reasonable quantities whenever a refilling option is available.

General tips and tricks

1) Make sure you carry warm clothes along with you no matter during whichever season you are travelling in. 2) Be always prepared with your trekking gear and equipment. 3) Carrying your own medication and a good pair of shoes is a must. 4) Make sure you obtain all the permits well in advance required for trekking in the region. 5) Also carry raingear along as weather at higher altitude changes at every moment. 6) Choose a well-qualified and professional guide and fix the rates in order to avoid any misunderstanding. 7) Carry spare batteries and film roll for camera as there maybe no electricity supply.

How to reach Bagini Glacier Trek

  • Rail: As Rishikesh is a relatively smaller station, it's prefereable to reach a more well connected railhead nearby, i.e Haridwar. Board the overnight Nanda Devi AC Express leaving New Delhi at 11:50 pm reaching Haridwar by 4:00am.

  • Road: Delhi to Joshimath is 500 km by NH58.

More about Bagini Glacier Trek

Approx trekking distance (Both sides): 43 Km

Base Camp: Jumma

Difficulty: Moderate

Highest point of trek: 14,816 ft

Nearest Airport: Jolly Grant Airport

Nearest Railhead: 300 km

Region: Uttarakhand

Snow: Summer and Autumn are the best time for the trek to Adi Kailash.

Starting point of trek: Jumma

Itinerary for Bagini Glacier Trek

Day 1: Haridwar to Joshimath

Trekkers will have to reach Joshimath from Haridwar by a 250 Km ride on road. The real trekking expedition will start from Jumma. As you cannot reach Jumma from Haridwar directly, it is advisable to stop at Joshimath on the first day. If you choose to initiate from Haridwar in the morning, you can visit, while passing, few famous places like Devprayag, Srinagar, Rudraprayag and Karnprayag. The town Joshimath is also known as Jyotirmath and it is believed it to be one of the four 'maths' or prime foundations set up by the legendary Adi Shankara. You can also visit Tapovan, a place famous for its natural production of hot water springs.

Day 2: Joshimath to Jumma to Ruing village

Distance: 3 Km, Duration: 3 Hrs

The trek would start from Jumma village that is an hour drive from Joshimath on the Joshimath-Malari highway. From Suraithota, the road journey will take a pleasant turn, the roads will be smoother and the gushing Dhulaiganga River will be an alluring view. The trek starts by crossing steel over bridge suspended above the river. The road will be a mild ascent thereafter till Ruing village. There are two options for camping for the night; by gaining permission from the local villagers and camp at the panchayat ghar or if not lucky enough, walk 3 kms kilometers further and reach a grassy clearing that is located at the base of the Dronagiri mount. Ruing Village is at an altitude of 9,181 ft.

Day 3: Ruing Village to Dronagiri Village

Distance: 8 Km,

The trekking route goes through a forest and is the sole track. The landslide zone is couple of minutes away. Two distinct tracks is noticed here. The one downward trail is safer to walk as the track that leads upward is vestige of the main trail but was destroyed by a massive glacier and it needs expertise and sure footed trekkers to walk in the area. The downward trail is a muddy and dusty track, little streams crisscrossing the path. A cemented pavement will come in to view few kilometers after, which will lead the way to the Ruing village. The scenery ahead is magnificent. The snow clad peaks of the pristine Hathi Parvat and Ghori Parvat take your mind away from the tiredness of the long day. The place looks even better in the summer months with beautiful blossoms covered the entire landscape. The change of scenario cannot be expressed by words; one minute you will be walking amidst paradise and the next moment reality of the Dronagiri village comes in view at an altitude of 11,844 ft. The entire village is deserted with little or no signs inhabitants and the houses are clear ramshackle. Camps can be set on the outskirts of the village that is lit by solar lights. You can visit the Bhumial God temple, few minutes from the village, as well. The Dronagiri Mountains are visible from the camp site.

Day 4: Dronagiri Village to Bagini Base Camp

Distance: 10 Km,

At first you have to go to the top of the ridge above the village and then the path goes down on the other side down towards the river (Bagini nallha) with a concrete bridge to cross over to the other side. Take the right hand trail from the point as the left one leads to kanari Khal, thence to Garpak village. The right trail is twisty and filled with big boulders everywhere, diminishing any trace of vegetation. An hour and half later, a grassy land will be reached which is an idle place for camping. A stream passes by the grassy patch of land which is crystal clear and can be used for refreshment. The path goes upwards slowly crossing some green fields (Rangatoli) and after that it is through boulders. This phase of the track needs attention to negotiate properly. After crossing the green fields and river there is a place to pitch tents at lower Bagini at an altitude of 12300 Ft. Bagini lower camp site is a plain plateau. Few stunning peaks that can be observed from this place are Satminal, Hardeul and Rishi pahar.

Day 5: Bagini BC to Bagini Glacier and back to Bagini BC

Distance: 14 Km,

The trek from base camp to Bagini Glacier and Changbang is a tedious and a long one. It takes approx 4 kms to reach the Changbang base camp, where you can catch the sunrise if you start early. The walk is a steady, not too difficult ascend. The trail is covered with glacier drifts and moraines and you will come across a number of ravines as well. The Bagini Glacier is indeed an astounding vision, surrounded by Hathi, Ghori, Satminal, Dunagiri east, Garur, Trishuli, Hardeul, Rishi, Kalanka and Changbang peaks. Changbang is the final destination of the trek; hence, the trail from here takes you down to the Bagini base camp by following the same route.

Day 6: Base Camp to Ruing Village

Distance: 18 Km,

You will have to go down the same route you choose to come up to the Base camp. A distance of 18 kms will be covered this day, but since it will be a descent; it is unlikely to feel tired and lose strength. Dronagiri village will be reached via Longatulli thence to Ruing village.

Day 7: Ruing Village to Joshimath

The descent will hardly take three hours to reach Jumma village. From Jumma again a vehicle ride will take you to Joshimath.

Day 8: Joshimath to Haridwar

Take the early transport available to Haridwar. You can also enjoy the beautiful town of Joshimath and cherish the last day of the trek and then head to Haridwar later.

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