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Tirathgarh waterfall, Jagdalpur Overview

With an approximate height of 300 feet, the Tirathgarh waterfall is located in the Kanger Valley National Park. A white cascade, this is one of Jagdalpur’s important attractions. The falls is also well known as ‘The Milky Falls’ due to its appearance. Tirathgarh waterfall drops down to form a pool at the bottom which is perfect for swimming, paddle boating and bathing. Best enjoyed during the monsoon season when the water gushes down at a fast pace, Tirathgarh is also tranquil and beautiful rest of the year. The bank of the pool has a small shrine of Lord Shiva where locals pray. Around 400 mossy steps will lead you to this bathing pool of the falls, surrounded by dense forests. Be it summer, winter or monsoon, be it, locals or tourists, Tirathgarh is a perfect picnic spot if you’re near Jagdalpur.

The Tirathgarh falls is a part of Kanger Valley National Park and hence activities such as bird watching, mountain climbing as well as picnics are carried out nearby. These activities attract tourists from different parts of the country. The flow of water increases during the early winter season leading to the widening of the falls, hence many tourists visit the falls during this time. To sum it up, the falls have hence contributed greatly to the development of tourism in the state of Chhattisgarh.

Places to Visit Nearby

The Tirathgarh WaterFalls stands close to many other well-known tourist destinations. These include the famous Kutumsar Caves, Kailash Caves and The Kanger Dhara waterfalls. These places are located very close to Tirathgarh WaterFalls and lay at a walkable distance from each other. Also, these destinations are located in the Kanger National Park and hence tourists visit them while touring at the national park.

Best Time to Visit Tirathgarh Falls

The Tirathgarh waterfalls are surrounded by a dense cover of trees and hence the temperature is not very high.  The best time to visit the Tirathgarh falls is during the early winter season. The temperature during this time is cool and pleasant. The temperature ranges from 18 to 28 degrees Celsius. During this period, the flow of water is strong and wide and hence many tourists visit the falls during this time. During the summers and late winters, the flow of water is weaker and narrower. During the monsoon season, the water levels rise drastically and heavy rainfall makes it difficult to visit the falls.

Tips for Travellers

There are no restaurants available near the waterfalls. The locals usually set up stalls in the surrounding regions, selling biscuits and oily food items. If you do choose to purchase a packet of biscuits, make sure you check its date of expiry. However, it is advisable that you carry food with you for the trip duration or return to Jagdalpur and eat over there.

How to Reach Tirathgarh Falls

The Tirathgarh Falls are located in the Kanger National Park. The falls are towards the south-west of Jagdalpur and at a distance of 35 km from the town. The Tirathgarh Falls can be approached from Darbha, i.e., from near the state highway connecting Jagdalpur and Sukma. Visitors can take a jeep from the Darbha junction towards Tirathgarh Falls and other nearby attractions (which include Kailash and Kotumsar Cave).

The Tirathgarh falls is an excellent tourist destination due to its natural beauty. It accurately resembles the influence of nature on an area. Tourists enjoy their time in the activities that are made available to them. One can surely visit the falls with family and friends to enjoy the scenic and magnificent beauty of it.

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