Amaravathi, Guntur Overview

A place situated about 16 miles from Guntur is packed with a famous holy shrine and site of great historic importance. The place itself is named after a renowned temple lying in the area namely Amareswara Swamy which inhabits Swayambhu Linga.

Also situated in the vicinity is an ancient Mahachaitya Stupa belonging to 2nd century AD. The most striking feature of the structure is cravings displaying life and teachings of Lord Buddha. A rich collection of terracotta antiques, old monuments and depiction of Buddha's life in pictorial form is an amazing addition to the museum I the stupa. The temple is further ornamented with fascinating inscriptions reflecting the relics of various dynasties that ruled the region. About 20 miles further is Bhattiprolu, a former kingdom of Prati Palaputra which is considered to be the earliest known kingdom in Guntur region.

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