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Tags : Amusement & Theme Park

Time Required : 2-3 hours

Timings : 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Entry Fees : Monday - Friday: RM 10
Saturday - Sunday, Public Holidays, Eve of Public Holidays and School Holidays: RM 15

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Skytropolis Funland, Genting Highlands Overview

Skytropolis Funland is an indoor theme park located at Resort Worlds Genting. The park having earned the title of 'First World Indoor Theme Park' is the one-stop for adventure junkies of all ages.

Other than rides, Skytropolis Funland is popular for the virtual reality centre built by The Void. The park also has about 8 food booths selling snacks and desserts. The ambience at Skytropolis Funland is carnival-like with the lit-up colourful neon lights, vibrant music and people walking all around.

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Rides at Skytropolis Fuland

There are more than 20 awesome and fun-filled rides in this theme park. From thrilling spin rides to family friendly rides, Skytropolis Funland has it all. There are 3 categories of rides : for children, family and thrill seekers. Highlighted below are a few of these amazing rides that one must absolutely try.

Spin Crazy: This is, undoubtedly the most intense ride in the park when it comes to adventure. It includes a huge spinning pendulum that takes the rider on a 360 spin up in the air and even stops mid-air for a few seconds to make them scream. It is a must-try ride for all the adventure lovers.

Power Surge: This is another thrill ride, operating quite similar to Spin Crazy, except that it spins the riders in the air while turning them in alternating clockwise and anti clockwise motions.

Disco: An exhilarating ride at Skytropolis Funland that one must not miss out on is Disco. It is named Disco because it has a huge spinning disc that swings back and forth along a curved track, while rotating rapidly at the same time. The ride may look like a simple one, but it is pretty intense as the speed of the disc keeps increasing.

Sky Towers: It is a classic ride in the form of a drop tower that takes the riders high up before plummeting down suddenly.

Space Cadets: This is yet another ride where one can achieve a flying adventure. The riders are seated on futuristic looking spaceships and they can control it themselves to go high or low. The ride is ideal for parents as well as kids.

Royal Carousel: This is a beautifully adorned ride, featuring a double storey carousel decorated with ornamented horses and chariots that take the riders round and round. The ride is an absolute favourite among the kids. Adult supervision must be ensured for this.

Copper Express: It is a vintage train that gives one a tour of the Skytropolis Funland whizzing on its 61 metres track.

Other rides include Balloon Race, Bumper Boss, Boo Boo Bump, Loop de Loop, Ride 'Em Round and Whirly Bugs. These are lower intensity rides and suitable for kids as well.

The Void

Along with the fun-filled rides, there is a virtual reality entertainment center within the park, known as The Void. This is where one can experience fighting virtual enemies with their weapons wearing a VR headset and vest. There is a large virtual space that one can roam about. The court VR experiences that The Void provides are:

Star Wars:
Secrets of the Empire: This VR experience plunges one into the world of Star Wars Rogue One movie and requires the person to complete the mission by roaming around the molten planet of Mustafa. Disguised as stormtroopers, one can use blaster rifles to fend off giant lava monsters and other stormtroopers, solve puzzles, interact with K-2SO and battle the sinister Darth Vader.
Cost - RM 130
Ralph Breaks VR: It is inspired from the cartoon movie Wreck It Ralph. There are missions such as saving Ralph by fending off large groups of rabbits and other creatures by shooting them with guns.
Cost - RM 130
Nicodemus: Demon if Evanishment: This VR takes one back to 1894 to the site of the decaying Chicago World's fair. It is a quite bone chilling trip back.
Cost - RM 90
Ghostbusters: The iconic Ghostbusters VR lets one strap up as a Ghostbusters and fight off the supernatural foes in a New York apartment complex.
Cost - RM 90
It must be noted that the tickets for Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire is available online, while for all others, tickets are available at the counter. There are package deals applicable for Nicodemus: Demon of Evanishment or Ghostbusters which helps one save upto 20% off by purchasing it at RM 322 for 4 people, RM 462 for 6 people and RM 578 for 8 people.

How to Reach Skytropolis Funland

Cable Car: The cable car line stopping nearest to Skytropolis Indoor theme park is Awana SkyWay. For those who are taking the Awana skyway cable car up to Resorts World, their final stop would be at the Level 4 of Sky Avenue Genting. From there, they can walk down two floors to find the entrance to Skytropolis. 

Rail: Those travelling to Genting with KTM must deboard at the Batang Kali KTM Station and then take the Aerobus shuttle to the resort. 

Shuttle Bus service: The park also provides complimentary shuttle bus service between some hotels and cable car stations. 

Express Bus: One can take an express buses (Resorts World Tours Express Bus) from One Utama, Gombak, Pudu Sentral and KL Sentral for Awana Bus terminal, which is located mid-hill. From here, one has to board a cable car to reach the park. 

Limousine services: The park provides limousine services nationwide and Singapore. The limousine service from KLIA/KLIA2 to the resort takes about 2 hours. 

ERL (Express Rail Link): The KLIA ERL operates at every 15 minute intervals during peak hours and 20 minute intervals during off peak hours.

Taxi: One can purchase a coupon from KLIA/KLIA2 to board a registered budget taxi at the airport arrival hall. 

Parking facility: The parking is free if one makes an exit within the first 30 minutes. Charges are levied for Mondays to Fridays at RM 2 per hour and maximum of RM 12 in a day and for weekends and public holidays at RM 3 per hour and maximum of RM 18 per day.

Need to Know

  • It is recommended to visit during the non-peak hours, that is early morning or late at night. At these timings, the crowd is relatively less.
  • Stroller and Wheelchair facilities can be availed from the Customer Service counter located at Sky Avenue, Level 1. Separate fees apply on these.
  • Once provided with the wristbands, they must not be taken off. Wristbands are necessary for accessing the attractions. Removing or tampering them will render them void.

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