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A legendary lake in Gujarat, Gopi Talav is located in Dwarka. Legend has it that this lake used to be the childhood memory of Lord Krishna where he used to perform the dance of "raas' for his female admirers, also known as Gopis.

It is said that in a fit of restlessness from staying away from Krishna, the Gopis from Vrindavan arrived to dance with him one last time. Thus they offered to give up their lives and merge with the soil during this dance of divinity.

Today, the soil is famously known as the "Gopi Chandan", or the sandalwood of the Gopis. Gopi Talav hones this soft yellowish soil, marking the mythical event of the Gopis of Vrindavan and Lord Krishna.

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Gaurav Gupta

on Gopi Talav 6 months ago
The temples here are heavily controlled by goon pandits. They automatically start to recite katha/puja for you & when you tell them that you don't need it they become harass, insult and abuse you. Ev (Read More)en complaining to the trust does not help. Avoid this place as here they do shameless business of our faith and worship. Here you won't find peace.

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