Patal Bhubaneshwari

Patal Bhubaneshwari, Chaukori Overview

Patal Bhubaneshwari, for many tourists, remains one of their most memorable experiences in the district, which is about 37 km from Chaukori. The myth behind this cave cum sanctuary is that, the Pandavas with their wife Draupadi stayed for a while here while on their final journey to salvation in the Himalayas.

While crawling into the cave, the entrance feels extremely restrictive, and patients of chronic heart ailments are discouraged from venturing in here. However, once inside, there is an unprecedented rush of relief and peace, and the cave itself has a whole water body located inside it. The cave itself is not a single cavity, but a series of caves within caves, made completely out of limestone, and by the safekeeping of the authorities is very well preserved, and electrically illuminated. The cave becomes a spiritual spot for many who come seeking peace and fulfillment in Chaukori.

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