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The particular hilly towns of North India, worship Lord Shiva of the Hindu mythology as their chief deity. It is believed that Shiva is the conqueror of death, and delivers all his devotees from every possible trouble and makes their life peaceful and successful.

A wooden carved double storey structure in the area that is also the oldest and the most well preserved shrine of Lord Shiva in Champawat. The Nagnath Temple, as said by the locals, worships Lord Shiva in his perpetual form of the wielder of the serpentine creatures, signifying his detachment to the world, but also his love for the outcast creatures. Nag, in English, is the Indian cobra, and Shiva is known to wear the snake around his neck and has a certain fondness for it. The Nagnath Temple was built by Guru Gorakhnath, a noted sage of the hills. Despite the destruction caused by the Rohilla and Gorkha tribes, the temple has been restored and sports a very intricately carved wooden doorway of the 18th century Kumaoni style architecture. Visit here, to breathe in the air of the old world and witness some exclusive Kumaoni style architecture.

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