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Tags : Fishing & Angling

Time Required : 2-3 days

Entry Fee : Indians: INR 6,500 - INR 10,600
Foreigners: INR 7,500 - INR 11,500
Children (5 - 12 years): 50% of adult tariff
Children (below 5 years): Free

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Also Refered As:

Bheemeshwari Fishing and Nature Camp

Cauvery Fishing Camp, Bheemeshwari Overview

The Cauvery Fishing Camp, also popularly known as the Bheemeshwari Fishing and Nature Camp, is a top-rated tourist attraction for the many activities it offers which are built around enjoying the beautiful and luxuriant natural setting of the camp. If you’re looking for an action-packed adventure with thrill and excitement, the Cauvery Fishing Camp is just the place for it. The range of thrilling activities the camp has to offer is sure to leave you pleased with your visit. The camp arranges a range of activities like rope walking, zip lining, kayaking, etc. and these are definitely worth trying. 

It is essentially a caravan of tents that are set up by the banks of the grand River Cauvery. The River Cauvery is renowned for its adventurous spirit- its gorges, rapids and waterfalls. The river spreads joy everywhere it flows through, and the Cauvery Fishing Camp is a paean to this magnanimous river. It is home to more than 200 species of birds like the grey-headed fish eagle, pied crested cuckoo, darter, etc., and mammals like the Sambar spotted deer, jackals, leopard, elephants and the extinct grizzled giant squirrel. The Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary is an ideal place for trekking as well as other activities with its giant rocks and hilly terrain.

This wondrous camp is not just for travellers looking for some wild adventure, it is also an ideal attraction for anyone who is looking for a peaceful excursion away from the loud cities and the fast-paced lives to reconnect with themselves and their loved ones. In essence, the Cauvery Fishing Camp is a perfect getaway- both, for an adrenaline-filled adventure to cross off your bucket list or a serene and peaceful escape into the gentle grasps of nature.

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Activities at Cauvery Fishing Camp

Feel your stress fading away in the flow of the pristine river while rafting, fishing or just dipping your feet in the water. Lose yourself in the scenic landscapes of the quiet nature and mesmerising sunsets. The 6-hour trek around the surroundings of Basavana Betta gives you a panoramic view of the Cauvery River. There are also treks of shorter durations.

Accomodation and Food

Keeping in mind the ecology, the Camp has only eight ethnic log huts. For people who prefer to live by the river and closer to nature, there are ten well-furnished tented cottages with attached bathrooms. There are other types of accommodations available too. The Ghol-ghar, a gazebo is the dining area for the guests. There are relaxing hammocks and an adventurous tumbling net and a high Machan for recreational purposes. Stuff yourself to the fullest with the sumptuous buffet of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine.

Tariff and Occupancy

The Cauvery Fishing camp has made arrangements for accommodating the visitors. There are cottages, mud huts, tented cottages and bamboo huts to choose from. The price for each of these differs and starts from INR 7,800 up to INR 10,300 for single occupancy and ranges between INR 6,100 and INR 8,000 for double occupancy. These rates include meals, forest entry fees, coracle rides, accommodation, taxes and other nature-based activities mentioned in the itinerary. The camp also organizes river rafting activities, but they are charged extra. Children between the ages of 5 and 12 years avail a 50% discount, and children below the age of 5 are allowed for free.

Tented cottages- INR 6,514 (Indian) & INR 7,398(Foreigner), 
Loghut/Mudhut- INR 7,409(Indian) & INR 8,293(Foreigner), 
Cottage- INR 8,328(Indians) & INR 9,212(Foreigner), 
Bamboo hut- INR 10,536 (Indian) & INR 11,420 (Foreigner). 
Packages are per person, per night cost and twin sharing basis.

Fauna and Avifauna at Cauvery Fishing Camp

This beautiful camp is enveloped by dense forests and is set beside a luxuriously flowing river, providing a vibrant ecosystem for many fishes, birds and animals. Many majestic creatures like Elephants, Sambar Deer, Spotted Deer, Jackals, Snakes and the very rare Leopards are fostered by the ecosystem in which the camp is set.

Not just animals, the Cauvery Fishing Camp is a haven for over 200 species of birds! The avifauna here is diverse and truly exotic. The grey-headed fish eagle, the pied crested cuckoo and the darter are few of the many beautiful birds that call this campsite their home.

Angling at Cauvery Fishing Camp

The location of the camp is perfect for angling, especially if you are looking to find the enormous and rare Mahseer fish. Even though it is now illegal to catch this giant and extremely beautiful fish, you can always witness it in its glory roaming freely in its habitat. It is definitely a wondrous sight. Angling is mostly practised during November, December, January and February. Every two visitors are accompanied by a local guide or 'gillie'. These are experienced anglers and are thorough with their knowledge of water and the behaviour of the local habitat. They can guide you to make your experience more informative and fun.

Cauvery Fishing Camp Itinerary

If you enrol into the exciting and at the same time relaxing program that the camp offers, the itinerary looks something like this-

Day One

12:30 PM: Check-in

01:30 PM: Lunch at camp and relax- You can choose to take a sunbath or take a long walk by the banks of the beautiful river.

04:00 PM: Evening Tea and Coffee at camp

04:30 PM: Coracle Ride- A ride on a round shaped boat that drifts gently across the calm river.

05:30 PM: Burma Loop and Parallel Walk- Experience the thrill of walking on a rope tied in the middle of the jungle.

07:30 PM: Campfire and Barbeque at the camp- Huddling around a deep orange flame under the twinkling night sky and roasting quick bites in its toasty heat is a memory you will hold with yourself forever.

08:30 PM: Dinner at camp

Day Two

06:00 AM: Early morning wake-up call and commencement of serving morning tea and coffee.

06:30 AM: Guided trek and nature walk into the forest. The guide will inform you details about every little thing in the woods- the species of birds, animals, trees, the soil, the medicinal uses of each element, unique peculiarities about each component, etc. A morning walk into the laps of nature, through the raw woods as the morning breeze ruffles the leaves of the trees and tingles your senses will revitalise you from within.

09:30 AM: Breakfast at the camp. Spend some more time with your family in nature or find some much needed me time to reconnect with yourself.

11:00 AM: Check out with a lot of memories and an unforgettable experience in mind.

Best Time To Visit Cauvery Fishing Camp

The period between September and February is the perfect time to visit the Cauvery Fishing Camp since the climate is pleasant and it is a paradise for bird watchers.

Tips For Visiting Cauvery Fishing Camp

The forest is in all its glory during the monsoon. Otherwise, the water recedes, leaving behind extensive sandbanks where one can lay back in the serene surroundings. 

How To Reach Cauvery Fishing Camp

The Cauvery Fishing Camps is very close to the hustling and bustling city of Bengaluru, just 100 kms away via the route Bangalore - Kanakapura (55 km) - left to Sathnur (15 km) and Muthathi (25 km) road. It is only 5 km from Muthathi. This makes it very easy to commute to the camp.

Since Bheemeshwari does not have its own railway station, the closest railway station to this camp is Bangalore City Central Railway Station at a distance of 100 km. It takes about 2 hours and 45 minutes to get there by road.

The camp is situated close to the Kanakpura-Kollegal Highway after a turn at Halagur and down the Halagur-Muttatti road. The route is very easy to figure out.

Be careful when you drive in the monsoon- the roads can get foggy and the frequent rains tend to create some disturbing potholes on the road. Drive Safe. It is advised not to use the public transport, instead drive yourself or hire a taxi to the camp.

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