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Ming Tombs, Beijing Overview

A site chosen according to the Chinese Feng Shui which houses the tombs of 13 Ming Emperors. The tombs are also a World Heritage Site.

The Ming Tombs are located at the base of the Tianshou Mountains, approximately 50 km from Beijing. They were built as a memorial site by emperors of the Ming dynasty. However, these tombs only include the those of the last 13 Ming emperors. The Hongwu Emperor had his burial made near his capital of Nanjing. The first Ming emperor to have his tomb built here was Yongle Emperor, in accordance with the rules of the Feng Shui. This valley was then used by the subsequent Ming emperors as their resting place. The road leading up to the tombs is called the Spirit Way, and is lined with many statues. Many additions were made to the tomb complex during the time of the Qing dynasty as well, who realised the historical importance of the site. One of these is the Shengong Shengde Stele Pavilion, complete with a statue of Bixi and marble pillars. Today, only three of the tombs are open to the public. Even then, this site is one full of marvellous structures, rich history and amazing beauty.

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